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Why Are Jews From Israel In Greece Assisting Muslim Immigrants Into Europe? - Who Is Behind Multiculturalism in Europe? - Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi's Book Praktische Idealismus - George Soros-Financed NGOs Moving Muslims Into Europe Like a Bus Charter Service - As Israel Establishes Itself as a Regional Imperial Power More Muslims Will be Pushed Into Europe - President Trumpstein's Buy American Hoax - Richard Wagner's Siegfried's Funeral March

Israel Directly Helping Muslims And Africans Invade Europe

Source: New Eastern Outlook
by F. William Engdahl
May 4, 2017

'Undesirable NGOs' Fund ISIS-linked Refugee Boats to EU

Investigations by Italian authorities and others have found that NGOs funded by among others George Soros, are actively financing private ships to smuggle tens of thousands of illegal North African refugees into the EU via Southern Italy. The human trafficking is reportedly linked to ISIS smuggling networks. If confirmed by authorities, it could potentially open the NGOs to criminal charges.

Carmelo Zuccaro, the Chief Prosecutor of Catania, Sicily, has testified to a committee of the Italian Parliament in March that an official investigation into the funding of a fleet of modern refugee boats in the Mediterranean by private NGOs is warranted. He cited evidence that the human traffic smugglers in Libya and other North African coastal states, often reportedly linked to ISIS or other criminal bands, were coordinating the traffic into Italy of tens of thousands of illegal refugees. Zuccaro reported evidence that the human traffickers either on land, or on board smaller migrant boats, call the larger NGO-financed rescue vessels directly to arrange transfer of refugees. That implies a very close level of coordination between the human smuggler bands and the NGO-funded fleet of ships.

Zuccaro announced that his office is investigating what he called the "abnormal" amount of funds that allows even small agencies to hire ships. Italian authorities have so far uncovered at least ten private Non-Governmental Organizations involved, among them several NGOs financed by US hedge fund speculator George Soros' Open Society Foundations.

Zuccaro also told Italian press that, "the facilitation of illegal immigration is a punishable offense regardless of the intention." He said that Italy was also investigating Islamic radicalization occurring in prisons and camps where immigrants are hired, illegally or off the books. European Immigration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos stated that some 80% of the North African migrants arriving in Italy had no legal right to asylum. Many were reportedly from criminal gangs that sprang up after the 2011 US-backed bombing of Libya and killing of Gaddafi that threw the country into anarchy.

Over the course of the past year as the refugee human trafficking route through Greece has been all but closed down, the route into the EU from North Africa has shifted to southern Italy and to use of modern chartered vessels to carry the thousands of refugees to Sicily and other parts of Southern Italy. In the first two months of 2017 illegal refugee inflows from Libya into southern Italy have risen by as much as 40% over the same period a year earlier.

NGO Human Trafficking

The official EU European Border and Coast Guard Agency, FRONTEX, in its 2017 Risk Analysis report, states that "the Central Mediterranean has become the main route for African migrants to the EU and it is very likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Specifically, 89% of migrants arrived from Libya."

The FRONTEX report went on to note a dramatic shift in 2016 from 2015. Earlier the major migration flow went from Turkey into Greece and the Balkan states on to Germany and other EU states: "NGO rescue operations (into southern Italy-w.e.) rose significantly to more than 40% of all incidents. Since June 2016, a significant number of boats were intercepted or rescued by NGO vessels without any prior distress call and without official information as to the rescue location."

Frontex raised the possibility that traffickers were putting migrants out to sea in a prearranged collusion with the private NGO ships that recover them and then bring them to Italy "like taxis." What the EU agency described is a human smuggling operation, in effect, operations of international criminal organizations including ISIS, being run by ships chartered or owned by various Non-Governmental Organizations among them Soros-financed NGOs.

Italian admiral Enrico Credendino, commander of the EU's anti-trafficking Operation Sophia, said the NGOs' ships come close to the Libyan shore to attract migrant boats in the dark. "At night they use large floodlights; the traffickers see them and send the dinghies (carrying migrants) towards the lights," he stated. Then they are taken aboard the larger NGO ships for the journey to Italy.

Soros NGOs working with ISIS?

If the Italian investigations into the NGO funding of the fleet of charter ships are confirmed, this would suggest that the NGOs, several of them linked to foundations or organizations financied or controlled by George Soros, are colluding illegally with human trafficker bands, in many cases bands controlled by ISIS in Libya.

A 2017 report by Quilliam, a private UK think-tank, claims that ISIS or the Islamic State (IS) is involved in the human trafficking operations into Italy. Their report states: "While some refugees may have to pay smugglers up to $560 for passage towards the Mediterranean coast, IS, capitalising on this route, offer free passage to those willing to join IS…To those reaching the Mediterranean coast, IS offer potential recruits up to $1,000 to join the organisation." Not exactly humanitarian.

US human rights investigator and lawyer William Craddick has discovered that several of the NGOs chartering the human smuggling boats ware linked to financial patronage of George Soros and his Open Society Foundations including of the Soros-funded; Save the Children, and Médicins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) which charters a Mediterranean ship called Aquarius.

Please go to New Eastern Outlook to read the entire article.

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Important historical background on Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi who it is claimed was responsible for the 1924 Eurasian multicultural plan for Europe:
Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi Praktische Idealismus/ Practical Idealism (and Other Works) Europe Awake! Strange German-Japanese Cross Breed, Publicist with Zionist and and Freemason Contacts. Funded by Jews, His Work Helped Deliberately Damage Europe, June 14, 2014 []
Most of Coudenhove-Kalergi's emerging fame rests on two pages from his book Praktische Idealismus (below:- German pages (left); with an inelegant computer translation of the same pages into English (right)). But there is more, mostly on nobles and heroes, urban and country life, cross-breeding and inbreeding, and largely praising Jews as what he considered something like an intellectual aristocracy; bear in mind he wrote not long after the First World War when attention to Jews was still undeveloped. He seems to have believed cross-breeding of races increased variety; the idea of mongrels as non-specialised mutts is absent—perhaps for personal reasons. His books appear to be censored in Germany—reprints being forbidden. []

Imagine what would happen if a similar law was passed in the US downgrading all other languages except English?

Israel Considers Bill that Would Downgrade Arabic From Official Language

And now, something special for Europe...

Richard Wagner - Siegfried's Funeral March from "Gotterdämmerung", Act III (Excalibur)

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