Wednesday, May 10, 2017

McCabe swarn in as acting FBI director - FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe: "No one is above or beyond the law." - Grassley has concerns over acting FBI director - Does the Porsche have enough horsepower to catch up to all those criminals in Washington DC who are "above the law?"

Grassley has concerns over acting FBI director

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New FBI Director McCabe Celebrates Promotion in His Six-Figure Luxury Porsche 911

How does the Porsche handle, McCabe? Does it have enough horsepower to catch up to all those criminals in Washington DC who are "above the law?"


  1. THE FBI -FULLBULLSHITINCORPORATED - HAS TOTALLY LOST TH PLOT . They couldnt even solve JFK , 811 FRAUD AND HAVE COOKED UP SO MANY FALSE FLAGS THEMSELVES their reputation is ruined completly . Should have bought a corvette its much faster and American , but they have to support the paperclip nazis i suppose .

  2. So we can expect this lunatic to e arrested shortly ???? Helping terrorists is a crime is it not ??? Plenty of evidence and pictures .

  3. They couldnt see anything wrong with this picture but sure can , check the "girlfriend " Baxter Reid case shows US visa rules widely misunderstood, immigration lawyer says.

  4. Great , so we can expect these critters to in prison shortly ??? US military training terrorists in southern Syria or are they too above the law ???

  5. Here is Trump with his usual Freemason handsign he laways uses with the biggest war criminal in history . WASHINGTON, DC — President Trump invited the press into the Oval Office Wednesday for photos and brief questions with a guest that shocked many of the reporters in attendance: Henry Kissinger.

  6. I LOATHE henry kissassinger..a mole..a con man..a crook..he is our worst nightmare..

  7. mccabe needs a fancy fast car as he has nothing 2 work with in his trousers..he is ugly, vile, filthy and crooked..He probably has a napoleon complex also..

  8. Psychotics blackmailing anyone who is not, running a good ol boy business fleecing not only the people in America, but around the world. Any surprise it is getting so screwed up? Media putting on the show for public consumption while murder incorporated harvest filth and death in the what is actually going on behind the media mask. What are world leaders being trusted with? Secrets that no one can know even most of them?


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