Monday, May 8, 2017

KAB-500 Guided Bomb Released Off Russian Su-24 Fighter Obliterates CIA ISIS™ (Corporate Name Changed to SIS) Terrorist™ Assets in Syria

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Is North Korea a Diversion for a US-Jordan Invasion of Syria?


  1. 5,000 Chinese foreign fighters in Al-Qaeda, ISIS ranks across Syria They are all in on it .

  2. Of course it is a diversion the west has been running NTH KOREA all along . Who else can demand Clinton to apppear with bottles of expensive brandy after which he drank died not long after ... Clinton gave them the nuke plant .. The Freemasons are gathered in Japan to pick a new leader for a unified Korea . How is this for crookery ??A federal appeals court threw out a ruling that the U.S. government illegally bailed out insurer American International Group Inc (AIG.N) during the 2008 financial crisis, in a defeat for former chief executive officer Maurice "Hank" Greenberg.

    The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington said Greenberg's Starr International Co had no legal right to challenge the bailout because that right belonged to AIG, which chose not to sue.

    Tuesday's decision by a three-judge panel was a victory for the government in a lawsuit testing its power to bail out companies, including those deemed "too big to fail."

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