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Justin Timberlake and others

First published May 2, 2017

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on research anyone can do.

This one will be very short. My recent paper on Harry Styles made me wonder where Justin Timberlake came from. Why? Because Timberlake has managed to stay famous longer than is normal for boyband singers. When I jokingly wondered whether Styles would make it past 26, it made me think of Timberlake, who definitely has. Yes, Timberlake is good in SNL skits, but we can tell it is his connections that have been crucial. How did he get in Nsync and SNL skits to start with?

Well, it isn't that hard to discover. Timberlake's stepmother is a Perry, immediately connecting him to top families. So he is probably related to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and that lot. His mother is a Bomar and a Joyner. If we search on Bomar, we find Benjamin Franklin Bomar, second mayor of Atlanta. He was also the founder of its first newspaper, the Daily Intelligencer. Note the name. In his genealogy, we find gold, including the names Hurt, Russell, Westmoreland, Hicks, Wood, Foster and Fielding.

Remember, Timberlake was in the Mickey Mouse Club with Keri Russell. Christina Aguilera was also in the Club at the same time, and her mother is Shelly Fidler. They tell us Shelly was of German, Irish, Dutch, and Welsh ancestry. Maybe, but she was still Jewish. Fidler is a variation of Fiedler, and it is Jewish. Think Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops. His mother is scrubbed everywhere, but one place admits he was Jewish. But Wiki gives us proof, with a little digging. See quarterback Jay Fiedler, who they admit is Jewish. He was inducted into the National Jewish Museum Sports Hall of Fame in 2002. On the same page, they admit he is related to Arthur Fiedler. Despite that, many websites try to deny Arthur Fiedler was Jewish. Also go to Adolf Gottlieb Fiedler, major cloth merchant of Saxony and Poland in the 1800s. Also remember that Aguilera named her son Liron, which is a Hebrew name. She married Jordan Bratman, admitted to be Jewish. Her mother descends from Bonnetts, which are the French equivalent of the English Bennetts.

Think of Lisa Bonet, another variant spelling, being a sort of Spanish equivalent. She is Jewish. I will be told that is through her mother, Arlene Litman, but they don't tell you her father is also Jewish. You will say, "But he is black!" Yep, blacks can be Jewish, and the famous ones often are. We have seen them in other papers. Plus, who did Lisa Bonet marry? Lenny Kravitz, Jewish. He is both a Kravitz and a Roker. This connects them to Al Roker, and tells us he may be Jewish as well. Roker's mother is given at Wikipedia, but only as Isabel, with no last name. A red flag.

Bonet's father was an opera singer, so he wasn't your average black guy in any way. He is scrubbed at Geni, with no parents given, but he may be related to the Castros. I found another Allen Bonet, and in his relative list are several Castros. This may link them to Jose Ortega Bonet of Cuba, founder of Goya Foods. Before that, the Bonets came from Spain, same as Castro. We may assume they were all Marranos. Remember, Castro admitted he was Jewish.

Anyway, we will study the connection between Bonet, Bonnett, and Bennett another time. For now let us return to Timberlake. What about the name Joyner? That's also Jewish. See here, where Rick Joyner is paired with Rabbi Robert Cohen speaking to the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. Joyner is supposed to be an evangelical Christian, taking Jim Bakker's reins in Wilkes County, NC, but he looks to me like an embedded Jewish agent. That last link tends to confirm it. He is always preaching that evangelicals need to return to their Jewish roots. But wait, I thought hard-line Christians were supposed to hate the Jews for killing their Lord. When did this flip?

Which calls for a short diversion. We can't leave this hanging. Rick Joyner came out of the Navy. We aren't old what his wife's maiden name is. Maybe Bennett, Russell, or Robinson? Also no ancestry for Joyner himself. However, we do know Joyner joined the Knights of Malta. He admits it on his own website. Talk about a red flag! For some reason, my computer cannot access Morningstar Ministries, although it is just me. The site is not down. So I go here to learn more. Joyner was allegedly inducted into the Knights of Malta by a Baron Peyton, a friend of Kurt Waldheim. At that link, the woman is misdirecting furiously, but we still get the main information. She is trying to sell Joyner and Waldheim as anti-Semites, when the reverse is true: they appear to be Jews. And we learn even more. Paul Cain was present as part of Joyner's entourage. Wikipedia admits Cain was a consultant to the CIA and FBI and a special envoy for three US Presidents. He met with Saddam Hussein at the behest of Bill Clinton. Cain's assistant is given as Ernest Reed Grafke. That no doubt links us to the Reeds, including billionaire's grandson and agent John Reed. Grafke also looks like a CIA asset, involved in many projects. He was fined half a million dollars by the British Columbia Securities Commission, but skated. He also was involved* in the Halek Energy oil scam, which led to $60 million in fines by the SEC, none of which Grafke had to cover, of course. The CIA does not have to bow to the SEC.

We have seen evidence in previous papers that evangelical Christianity is another Jewish front, created to damage Christianity rather than promote it. For more evidence of that, we find Joyner's major colleagues named Don Potter, Leonard Jones, etc. We have seen those names before as well, linked to the top families. More indication in the same direction is Joyner's unbelievable promotion of Trump, where he has said that if you don't support Trump you are going to hell. I have shown you that Trump is Jewish. Recently, comedian Jackie Mason said Trump is more Jewish than him. That's pretty extraordinary, seeing that Mason is a raving Zionist

Also see here, where we find Joyner is actually a translation of the Jewish Polish Stolarz, which means "joiner" in English. Stolarz is a very rare name in the US, most Polish Jews having chosen to translate it as Joiner or Joyner.

Also see here, where the name Joyner is listed by Which reminds us of Florence Griffith Joyner, or FloJo, the track star who allegedly died of a seizure in 1996 on the way to a race. She was taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. Curious, eh? I would say it is beginning to look like all the black Joyners are Jewish, including comedian Mario Joyner, friend of Jewish JerrySeinfeld.

For more indication of that, we find author E. T. Joyner at this link on "What We Now Know About Jewish Education". He is co-author with J. P. Comer and M. Ben-Avie, and both those names are also Jewish. And at this link we find a Paul Joyner—allegedly a Church of God missionary—opening a mission in Beit Jala and preaching the Christian return to Jewish roots just like Rick Joyner. Very suspicious.

But back to Baron Peyton, mentioned in Rick Joyner's induction into the Knights of Malta. Who is he? A search brings up no one in Germany or Austria, which is not surprising since Peyton is not a German name. The search only brings up Baron Peyton of Yeovil, an English MP under Thatcher. I could find no proof this Baron Peyton was a Knight of Malta, but he did go to Trinity College, Oxford, making it likely he was an Intelligence officer. Trinity College (Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin) specializes in those. With more inspired research, I found that Baron Peyton was a protégé of the 1st Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in India in the 1940s. Monckton and his son the 2nd Viscount were both Knights of Malta. The 3rdViscount Monckton may be as well. Maybe you have seen him. He has eyes like Marty Feldman.

This latest Lord Monckton has tried to infiltrate the Truth community, pretending to disagree with his peers on various issues. I hope you haven't been fooled. He is no ally of yours, you can be sure. But he may be related to Feldman. Feldman is a Jewish name, of course, and he is admitted to be Jewish.

The 2nd Viscount Monckton's grandmother was Beatrice Stanley Muller. Note the name Stanley, which links her to dozens of previous papers of mine and the Stanley Earls of Liverpool. Muller was the daughter of the famous orientalist Max Müller, who was from Germany. Müller's godfather was Carl Maria von Weber. His PhD dissertation was on Baruch Spinoza. Spinoza was Jewish. Müller later studied under Schelling—another red flag since I suspect Schelling was also Jewish. Müller became the Taylorian professor at Oxford, named for Sir Robert Taylor, Sheriff of London. Before that Taylor had been a celebrated architect, starting by building Asgill House for wealthy banker Sir Charles Asgill, 1st Baronet. Asgill had also been Sheriff of London and Lord Mayor. Asgill came out of the banking house of William Pepys. Taylor was later architect to the Bank of England and of the King's Works. Among his pupils were John Nash. We have seen the Nashes before, haven't we? Taylor's genealogy is scrubbed, but we may assume he was related to the famous Taylors, of the line of Liz Taylor, Taylor Swift, etc. We have hit that before.

But the biggest red flags with Max Müller are his connections to the British East India Company.Most of his Indian research was done with documents on the premises of the BEIC. Few people or none have made that connection. When Müller arrived in England in 1846, he was an unknown 22-year-old, not yet affiliated with Oxford or any other prestigious university. So why did the BEIC give him free access to their documents—not for a few days or weeks, but for years? In fact, it was not his position at Oxford that allowed him access to BEIC, but the reverse. He was hired at Oxford due to his time at BEIC. Very curious. This indicates to me his entire career may have been bankrolled and enabled by the BEIC. It is also admitted that he actually hired someone else to do his translations from the Rig Vedas, simply taking credit for them. Wikipedia admits that, quoting Scientific American, Dec. 8, 1900.

At any rate, that's one of the many people the Moncktons are closely related to. The 1st Viscount's mother was a Golding. That's also Jewish.

If we return to Beatrice Stanley Muller, we find her husband was Sir Thomas Colyer, 1st Baronet Colyer-Fergusson. His second wife after her was Mary Freda Cohen. That's also Jewish. Don't believe me? His grandfather was Levi Barent Cohen, which links them to Sacha Baron Cohen and Karl Marx. I have proved that in a previous paper.

These Cohens were also related to the Samuels. Solomon Cohen of this family in the peerage married Hannah Samuel. She is related to the Baron Stormont Mancroft Samuel we saw in my paper yesterday on Harry Styles. They were also related to the Mertons, Montefiores, and the Behrens.

The 3rd Viscount Monckton's mother was Marianna Bower, daughter of Henrietta Strickland, who was the daughter of Baron Strickland and Lady Sackville. We also saw the Sackvilles yesterday, related to the Shelleys, Fiennes, Boleyns, Brydges, Thatchers, and Devereux. So Lord Monckton is related to Harry Styles. Lady Sackville was the daughter of Reginald Sackville, 7th Earl De la Warr (Delaware). Lord Monckton's wife is the daughter of Jorgen Jensen, CEO of a company named Libra No 2 Limited, Cayman Islands. This company was liquidated in 2015. But what was the company? Hard to tell, but best guess is it was an MI6 front or shell. We do know that it was incorporated in 2006 and went through twelve directors in three years. Jensen was also the head of Mandarin 1 Limited, which was liquidated in 2014 from the Cayman Islands. From 2008 to 2010 it went through five directors and three secretaries. Jensen was also the head of three other similar companies, including Care Homes 1, Care Homes 2, and Kayterm Limited, all registered in the Cayman Islands. Kayterm had eight directors who resigned; Care Homes 1, ditto; Care Homes 2 had nine directors resign in three years. Make of that what you will.

This takes us back to Baron Peyton, who allegedly inducted Rick Joyner into the Knights of Malta. Peyton's second wife was the daughter of Brig. Gen. Everard Humphrey Wyndham, Aide-de-Camp to George VI. His father was the 2nd Baron Leconfield, which linked Peyton to all sorts of gold. The first Baron Leconfield was the heir of the Earl of Egremont, from whom he inherited four castles. This Egremont was a patron of the painter Turner, who lived for a time at Petworth House. These castles had come down to Egremont through Percy, 11th Earl of Northumberland. Yep, there is Northumberland again. We just saw it yesterday several times in my paper on Harry Styles. Seymour, 6thDuke of Somerset captured these castles when he married Elizabeth Percy, she being brotherless. The Duke's daughter Catherine was the mother of Egremont. They are all related to the current Dukes of Northumberland.

Northumberland is important here, since the most recent (Jan. 2017) Prince and Grand Master of the Knights of Malta was Matthew Festing (above), whose father was Field Marshal Festing—head of the British Army in 1958-61. Field Marshal Festing was also a Knight of Malta. Matthew Festing's mother is Mary Riddell, daughter of Cuthbert Riddell of Swindburne Castle, Northumberland. It has been in the Riddell family since 1678. Swinburne Castle is in Chollerton, about ten miles west of Newcastle upon Tyne. It is quite near Eslington Park, the Castle of the Liddells. Howick Hall, seat of the Earls Grey and later Barings is also nearby.

When Matthew Festing recently quit as Grand Master, his place was taken by Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein. I will be told the von Rumersteins are related to the house of Starhemberg, related to the Saxe-Gothas, and thereby the Windsors. But we have seen that the Windsors are Jewish in many lines, and the name Hoffmann would indicate the Rumersteins are as well. My Hitler paper was littered with Hoffmanns claiming to be Catholics or Lutherans, but who were clearly crypto-Jews

That brings us back to Baron Peyton of Yeovil, whose links indicate he may well have been the Knights of Malta mentioned in the Joyner stories. It certainly fits his bio. Another thing that fits is his position as Shadow Leader of the House of Commons from 1974-76. Even the title is spooky, isn't it? But what is interesting is a list of names of these leaders since 1950. Among the surnames are Morrison, Lloyd, Prior, Peyton, Beckett, Taylor, Shepherd, and Bryant. All names we have seen before, linked to the families. Even Shadow Leaders who don't immediately throw up a flag do so on a closer look. For instance, Hilary Benn doesn't seem like a red flag, until you go to his page and learn his mother is a DeCamp. His father was Viscount Stansgate and his great-grandfather was a Holmes. Shouldn't he be in the House of Lords?

Then we have Sir George Young, who has the same problem. His father was a Baronet and he is a Baron. He is descended from the Earls of Beauchamp and the Baronets Montgomery and Knatchbull. His mother is descended from the Barons of Braborne. He worked at the merchant bank Hill Samuel. So what was he doing in the House of Commons as a Shadow? In 2015 he was finally forced to switch to the House of Lords, but that doesn't answer my question, does it?

Before him was Alan Duncan, whose name doesn't immediately throw up a red flag, but whose bio does. His father was OBE and his mother was a Carter. He went to the Merchant Taylors School and then Oxford. He was Benazir Bhutto's campaign manager at Oxford and then won a Kennedy scholarship to study at Harvard. After that he worked for six years for Mark Rich in London and Singapore—while Rich was a fugitive. Rich was really a Reich, and Jewish, and his page throws up enough red flags for everyone.

What about Theresa May? Well, she is now Prime Minister, so she must be a major spook. Her mother is a Barnes. Her paternal great-grandmother is also a Barnes, so her parents were cousins. She is also a Walter, a Hersey, a Cheaseman, a Howell, and a Payne. Her pages are managed by Michael Rhodes and Erica "the Disconnectrix" Howton, telling us we are on the right track. They wouldn't be scrubbing if there were nothing to scrub. Both Walter and Hersey are probably Jewish names. Hersey is a variation of Hershey, and the famous US Hersheys are known to be Jewish.

What about Chris Grayling? He is so spooky that Wikipedia can't even tell you who his parents are. The genealogies have never heard of him. However, we do find Graylings in the peerage. Catherine Macartney married Donald Grayling in 1962. These are the Macartney Baronets, related to the Barclays, Millers, and Craigs. We also find a Dr. Grayling marrying a Hickman of the peerage in 2000. These Hickmans are from the Hickman Baronets, related to the Owens. Also a Mary Grayling who married a Ramsbotham. The Ramsbothams are related to the Walkers, and further back to the Stanleys! So there may be more to this position than we are told, and the spooky name may not be a coincidence.

What about Oliver Heald? Like Grayling, they don't want to tell us his parents. Nothing at the encyclopedias or genealogy sites. But again, the Healds are in the peerage. See Sir Lionel Heald, who married a Forbes, daughter of George Stewart Forbes, brother of the 4th Baronet. They were also related to the Taylors, Ritchies, Fitzroys, and the Earls of Rosslyn. Lionel Heald also married Daphne Price, daughter of Clementina Villiers, of the Earls of Clarendon. They were related to the Parkers, Barons Boringdon, and the Robinsons, Barons Grantham. Villiers grandmother was a Liddell, of the Barons Ravensworth. We saw them in my paper on Daisy Ridley. Alice Liddell, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, was of that family. Many other Healds are listed, but that will do. So why is a Heald in the House of Commons as a Shadow? I suggest these Shadow Leaders are actually agents embedded in the House of Commons either by the House of Lords or by MI5, there to keep an eye on the lesser agents and be sure they stay on the right track. Ted Kennedy performed the same function in the US Senate.

So let's continue to head home. As I said, Baron Peyton looks like a Knight of Malta, which confirms part of the story we were looking at earlier. Which begs the next big question: who are the Knights of Malta? Well, our research here has given us many clues, all pointing to another crypto-Jewish nest of spooks. As with the Masons, we don't know if they were later infiltrated or if they have always been Jewish fronts, but I begin to suspect the latter. In an earlier paper on Kabbalah, I suggested that the Masons may have been turned after Francis Bacon, but I no longer think that. My research since then indicates that Bacon was also Jewish, so that if anything was infiltrated, the infiltration was much earlier. It may have coincided with the invasion through Anglesey and Mann by the Stanleys et al.

I still plan to do a paper on the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, and the Crusades, so I won't spoil that here. But I think you can see where that is going.

Which brings us back to Justin Timberlake. You can see that I got bored with him and digressed into bigger—thought related—topics. He is from the same crypto-families as everyone else famous, which probably doesn't surprise you. However, I imagine some of what I discovered here did surprise you. It surprised me. I hadn't planned to take any of the detours I took here, they just presented themselves. My life-by-serendipity continues to pay off.

I will close by mentioning something that occurred to me in my off-hours, while gazing at the ceiling. We have seen how pre-occupied these families have been with breeding. It looks to me like the ruling Jewish families have preferred to marry amongst themselves, with one exception: they will marry top nobles when it is useful to them. This has been an easy entree into the ruling castes of all countries, especially in Europe. Less often, they marry very beautiful people, to pull their genes into the pool. Both those things are logical, I suppose. However, given that logic, it is difficult to explain the current gene pool of these families. You would expect these people to have it all figured out by now, wouldn't you. They tell us they are smarter than we are, which is how they got where they are. So, given the breeding programs, they should be taller, healthier, more beautiful, and longer living. I see no sign of that. A small number of them are beautiful, but for the rest the data is negative. They cull their prettiest people for Hollywood, of course, but Hollywood males tend to be very small. And on average they seem to be smaller now than they were in the past.

I suppose it was Matt Damon's recent pics that got me on this track. He is short and not aging very well, which doesn't make sense to me. Very few of these people from the top families seem to age well. Jennifer Beals and Heather Graham are exceptions—and perhaps Justin Timberlake—but by and large these people age very poorly.

This is just another reason I don't believe they are Satanists and don't believe they have it all figured out. If they are drinking blood, it isn't working for them. If they are performing spells, the spells aren't working. The money spell may be working, but all the others are bombing. Frankly, I don't think they are performing spells. The money doesn't come from spells, it comes from control—and the control comes mostly from lying and cheating.

To my eye, they look like neither God's nor Satan's chosen people. As I have said before, the top families look to me like people off the numbers—so the numerology isn't working, either. I don't know that they are cursed: it may just be that they have cursed themselves by lying and cheating. But somebody clearly doesn't like them. That somebody may be Gods or Muses, or it may just be Nature. Nature, like the Muses, doesn't like being raped.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, in order of appearance after you have hopefully read the above essay:

Justin Timberlake would like to entertain you...a little "cultural warping" anyone?

Lisa Bonet thinks there "never seems to be enough time":

Lenny Kravitz is waiting. Guess he's waiting for Lisa Bonet.

Rick Joyner did some math, and some sheep dipping of "Christians" as well - in sh*t. Yes, these are the "last days" and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it:

Come on really? You mean you get your news from Alex Jones' InfoWars and Lord Mockton to assist you in trying to figure out what is actually going on in this world?

 Is it Marty Feldman, Lord Mockton's relative, or Frankenstein?

Ever wonder what Matthew Festing (Knights of Malta) was doing in the Philippines before Rodrigo Duterte became president?

Theresa May was just at Buckingham Palace for an "audience with the Queen".  Apparently, Theresa May would like very much to begin bombing Syria - for Israel.

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