Thursday, May 11, 2017

JCS General Joseph Dunford Welcomed in Tel Aviv - Damascus Is About to Get Clobbered - US, UK In Massive Troop Movement Along Syria-Jordan Border

US Preparing to Take Down Damascus 

CJCS Dunford meets Israeli PM Netanyahu

The following is no endorsement of Christian prophecy screeching but points out more news on the military buildup on the Jordan-Syrian border:

US, UK, Jordan Deploy Thousands of Troops, Hundreds of Armored Vehicles in Syria

Here's another pretext for invading Syria (Note: The IDF is no match for Hezbollah. The last place you would want to be is inside a building when a Hezbollah team comes through to clear the building.):

Hezbollah presence in Syria a big threat to Israel, Dunford says

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US, UK In Massive Troop Movement Along Syria-Jordan Border


  1. Interesting questions and Answers session disscussed on this jootube

  2. God said that anytime people return to the laws, love God first above all, then love each other as much as they love themselves, two simple requirements, that all blessings will be returned. This of course is ignored in favor of making sure the prophecies unfold. And who shall it be at the end of the failure of men to win a war against God at the final battle somewhere in the middle east? The chosen ones? Nations are less than a drop in a bucket, dust on scales, vanity and wind. Recall Jesus being offered the King "job" by the priests, who said they would serve him hand and foot, take care of his business as King. He turned and walked away in to the mountains.

  3. Picture this: The American military's highest position, the joint chiefs of staff, who is now Dunford, gets on an American military aircraft and flies to Israel on three separate trips where in Israel, crawls into Netanyahu's office, and is later awarded the IDF's highest award coordinating with Israel's future plans for the Middle East. You have to be absolutely f#cking shitting me?

    Then, meanwhile back in the dysfunctional country of America, a letter submitted to President Trumpstein written by Rod Rosenstein, who is Trumpstein's deputy attorney general, suggesting Trump fire James Comey?

    Is there not something just totally amiss here?

  4. Earth's ruling Demonic Warlords have us on autopilot to Armageddon....

    "JFK tov9/11, Everything is a Rich Man's Trick" on YouTube.... share Truth while you can....

  5. General Joseph Dunford:
    Nickname(s) "Fighting Joe"[1]
    He is of Irish background[6] and has been described as a "fervent Catholic."

  6. • Make No Mistake!
    I Will Not Compromise.
    I Will Not Comply.
    I Will Not Submit.
    I Will Not Break.
    I Will Not Roll Over.
    I Will Not Sit Down.
    I Will Not Shut Up.
    I Will Not Go Quietly.
    I Will Not Give Up.
    I Will Not Surrender!
    I Will Stand For Truth.
    I Will Protect The Innocent.
    I Will Sacrifice So That Others May Live Free.
    I Will Defend My Family To The Death.
    I Love Peace, But I Am A Fierce Enemy.
    I Will Fight For Truth
    I Live by a Code given to Me
    And Evil will not prevail
    There Will Be A Reckoning!

    God Bless Y'All

  7. People are tearing their hair out trying to latch onto Adriatic burst!

  8. The year is 2011 and the CIA had yet to deliver their National Intelligence Estimate that cleared Iran and their nuclear programme of any wrongdoing. We know that back in 2006, Felix Sater, out of prison thanks to snitching deals he had cut with both the FBI and CIA, had his hooks in Trump.

    Sater, one of the leaders of New York’s massive Jewish community, man of the year in 2012, is also head of what is often called the Russian Mafia, so often depicted on television.

    Nominally Russian by origin of birth, in truth the Russian mob is as much Israeli, from the same origins as the nearly 600,000 “settlers” living in the occupied West Bank, technically Jordan, now a part of “Greater Israel.”

    The poor moved there, those who could steal, particularly those high in the KGB and other security services, looted the Soviet Union and with help from the CIA, a project I am personally familiar with, took over New York City, the epicenter of world organized crime.

  9. Felix Sater is an immigrant who did prison time for stabbing a man in the face with the broken stem of a margarita glass, and he would surely qualify for the label “bad hombre” were he from Mexico instead of Russia.

    It was only by becoming a federal informant that Sater avoided a possible 20-year term for a $40 million fraud in which the feds figure many of the victims were elderly.

    Sater’s father also became an informant after being convicted of joining a Mafia soldier shaking down small businesses in Brooklyn for nearly a decade.

    None of that stopped Donald Trump from having extensive business dealings with Sater that included the high-rise Trump SoHo New York hotels and condos. Then, after Sater’s rap sheet was widely publicized, Trump said he hardly knew the man.

    “If he were sitting in the room right now, I really wouldn’t know what he looked like,” Trump says in court papers from a 2013 law suit.

  10. Meanwhile in the Land of the long nose scum

  11. Ah yes, ISIS leader Abdullah Benjimin Bin Netayahoo and Mohammad Bin MaCain

  12. Terrorist confesses to working with “White Helmets” in Aleppo to fabricate chemical attack and blame Syrian Army . Aleppo, SANA – Terrorist Walid Hendi confessed to taking part in fabricating videos and photos for a Turkish TV channel while working with the so-called “White Helmets” that depict neighborhoods and areas in Aleppo being attacked with chemical weapons in order to blame the Syrian Arab Army.

    In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Saturday evening, al-Hendi said that he joined the “white Helmets” three years ago in return for receiving funds from the so-called “local council” and financers from Arab Gulf countries.

    Hendi said that they were told that there will be chemical attacks, and they were given protective clothing and they staged a fake chemical attack that was filmed by a Turkish channel, adding that they were filmed by two people called Ibrhaim al-Haj and Mohammad al-Sayyed as they sounded sirens and brought stretchers to transport supposed injured people, with the intent of posting these videos online and accuse the Syrian Arab Army of carrying out a chemical attack.


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