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Cult of the New World Order

Source: TVOI News

By Vicky Davison
May 14, 2017

A Brief History on German Reunification

A brief State Department History can be read HERE and the entire video can be viewed HERE.

West Germany was overwhelmed by the numbers. Who won the numbers game is evident by the fact that Angela Merkel is the Chancellor – and she was an East German who grew up under communism. Merkel is now overseeing the destruction of Germany and the rest of Europe by allowing and facilitating the invasion of hoards of Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa. Communism won.

Mikhail Gorbachev's Next Moves:

1990 Moscow Global Forum

All Roads Lead to London

In the video about the 1990 Moscow Global Forum (Global Forum on Human Survival), the moderator attributes the idea for global forums comprised of spiritual and political leaders to Very Reverend James Parks Morton, Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Devine in New York City. St. Johns is an Episcopal Church. The fact that Morton would be a promoter of these forums makes sense in this context. While researching refugee resettlement in Idaho, it was discovered that one of the contractors is affiliated with the Episcopal Migration Ministries and it was further discovered that they are part of the Anglican Communion which is headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion is a UN NGO. The Episcopal Church is really the Church of England – with a new name taken after the revolutionary war because neither England nor their Church were very popular at the time.

The video also mentioned that the Moscow forum was the second forum. The first Global Forum was staged at Oxford University in 1988. An article in a magazine called Hinduism Today had an article from 1988 about the forum. Excerpts with highlights added:

The imposing title of the conference was "Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival." But that name is brevity itself when set beside the litany of ominous threats which were presented to them by astrophysicist Carl Sagan, biologist James Lovelock, Soviet nuclear scientist Dr. Yevgeny Velikhov and other preeminent experts in population, media and education. Humankind has awakened to the terrible revelation that the earth and its tiny cargo of living things are vulnerable and, unless something is done soon, one day man himself, like 100 species disappearing each year, may become extinct.

…Not since the Middle Ages had legislators and spiritual leaders met at such a level, and then it was limited to European statesmen and Christian leaders. The 1988 Global Forum brought nearly 60 nations together, and had representatives of five major faiths – Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, as well as African and American Indian religions, Jainism, Sikhism and Shinto.

Opening ceremonies included a message from Rajiv Gandhi read by Indian minister Sat Paul Mittal, addresses by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Speakers Share Their Concerns

As the five days unfolded, it was evident that delegates shared the urgency voiced by Austrian Cardinal Koenig: "We have come together to find ways out of crisis. There is only one choice: to survive or perish together." To this Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury, added: "There are two qualities for survival, reverence and cooperation. We need to control our spiritual hubris. We need to cease believing this is a cheap, throw-away universe in which everything but human life is expendable." Africans stressed the vast schism that exists between rich and poor nations, decrying “excess materialism and unbridled consumption."

…Akio Matsumura, a Japanese population expert who spent 15 years promoting the forum, was patently pleased with the caliber of people who had responded to his call, "I have observed the deepening crisis of the world. It is too big to be borne by governments alone. We as individuals must also bear the responsibility." Mr. Matsumura told Hinduism Today: "This is a process that will place great demands on Hinduism and on the insights it has mastered in its more than three mellennia of development. Hinduism is one of the world's most powerful and enduring traditions. Hindus were among those who first called for a Global Forum on Human Survival.

James Lovelock, English atmospheric biologist, offered an interpretation of the earth as a self-sustaining system, “much like a giant tree under whose broad canopy hundreds of creatures, large and small, are sustained…I believe science moved a long way in the wrong direction. We threw out the soul. I wonder if we have lost our natural curiosity because of sensory deprivation-all of us living in cities, unable to see the stars." He went on to tell delegates that the greenhouse effect, forest clearing ("driven by an insatiable desire for beef) and agricultural excesses "are more important than nuclear problems we have heard." Dr. Lovelock called himself the "shop steward for all non-human life, all the microbes and fungi" whose existence was also threatened. He offered simple solutions to what he called "the three deadly 'C's': cars, cattle and chainsaws," asking people to plant trees and to reduce beef consumption.
The search on the first global forum at Oxford also turned up the huge connecting puzzle piece that explains a lot to this writer going back to the early 1960's, the British invasion, the otherwise inexplicable Nehru jacket, I suspect Jim Jones and his People’s Temple and much, much more. The caption on this picture found on the Temple’s website indicates that they hosted the first global forum.

Please go TVOI News to read this important essay.


  1. Its such a joke when you think about it , saving the planet ?? They use more bombs in Iraq than the second world war murdered over 1 million in cold blood , if that's not saving the planet what is ?? Hyopcrite scam artists ... They have been bombing countrie's for 50 yrs , tax the elites 90% i say including these churches of lies . The UN was gifted to Russia for fighting Japan .. Anyone who thinks CHINA AND RUSSIA are the good guys hasnt read any real history . They helped create the green fraud but havent you noticed they didnt lose anything but gained everything including al the mineral wealth of every nation .. Its a great con execued by non other than the VATICAN. ROTHSCHILD . ROCKEFELLER , ROYALS ,CON ARTISTS . THE ROYALS POWER BIL WAS 48 MILION POUNDS A YR ..SO WHO IS USING ALL THE STUFF ?? THE GREEDY ELITES THAT'S WHO .

  2. Yeah " thats why they bomb the crap out of everyone because they care , tell us another one green frauds . This bombing evryone to submit to your tyranny exposes you communist dogs for what you really are .

  3. By the end of WWII nearly all of Germany was bombed out, people literally burned up, those trying to escape, refuges were running here and there many of them dying. Finally upon the end of it they returned to their homes only to be arrested, tortured until admitting they were NAZI and sent to prison camps, many to Russia. Who were these chosen ones left to start Germany back up? Obviously some plan in action to plant a new seed, any who did not fit the profile were murdered or sent away. Sure fits the pattern of the Hyksos finally along with leader Akhenaten were kicked of Egypt, people who looted, killed and were generally hated by most yet persistant and hard to get rid of. Mysteriously where they went is not clear or at least not revealed for some reason.

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