Monday, May 8, 2017

BREAKING: Syrian War And The Battle For Golan Heights - Genie Oil & Gas Exposed!

Michael Steinhardt

Israel: tension rises with Syria in Golan heights with chaos reigning across the border

Meanwhile back in Israel yesterday, another young Palestinian girl was gunned down...

7. Mai 2017


  1. Nobel Energy is currently conducting a pipeline under the Mediterranean, from Israel to Europe for stolen oil.

    1. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Rothschild israel has their man Macron shoehorned into state of emergency France just as false claims re Syrian chemical attack are cooked up and UK / US troops & proxies muster on the south eastern border of Syria to secure the stolen Golan where Rothscum Murdoch and Cheney have secured the rights to extract oil. Macron a globalist scumbag will support "ever closer EU military union" a project which can be progressed greatly should things kick off in Syria. Treasonous child rapist protecting UK zionist PM May ( see UK political prisoner Melanie Shaw ) and her sidekick EU puppet Fallon of course are also progressing the EU military union despite the fake claims about Brexit. Recall how traitor David Cameron's first act was to sign up to a 50 year military merger with France and scrapped the UK's air cover for our nuclear deterrent.

    2. Engineering the perfect storm ?

      IDF chief Gadi Eisenkot presented Dunford with the Medal of Appreciation during an honor guard ceremony at army headquarters on Tuesday, almost a year after he received a similar award from the United States.

      Dunford is visiting Israel this week in order to meet with Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Eisenkot.

      He arrived on Monday, but was officially welcomed on Tuesday at the military’s Tel Aviv headquarters, known as the Kirya.

      “As part of the honor guard, General Joseph F. Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, received a medal of appreciation from Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot,” the army said in a statement.

      “The medal was awarded to General Dunford for his exceptional service, his special contribution to the IDF, and the personal leadership he has demonstrated in strengthening the ties between the United States Military and the Israel Defense Forces,” it said.
      This is Dunford’s third official trip to Israel. He previously visited the Jewish state in March 2016 and October 2015.
      This week, American and Israeli pilots will fly together in a joint exercise over the Arava desert in southern Israel, the army said.

      On Sunday, US and Jordanian forces kicked off a large-scale military exercise, known as “Eager Lion,” in which more than 20 nations will take part.

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