Saturday, April 1, 2017

Veteran Navy Seals Launch Operation To Bust Pedophile Rings

Source: YourNewsWire

March 31, 2017 • Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Veterans across America are joining forces to save children from sex trafficking and pedophile rings, as part of an attempt to put an end to the widespread sexual exploitation of children.

Former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer is leading a national non-profit organization that aims to save children from torture, sexual abuse and trafficking. reports:

"These rings include members from every level of our society and involve unthinkable trauma inflicted upon innocent babies and children – the soul of our nation," states.

The group will collect data and information from federal and local law enforcement sources to expose the biggest names, families and foundations that take part in the ritualistic abuse of children.

Sawyer's group is composed of a VIPR Team (Veterans Investigating Pedophile Rings), with participating members hailing from different military branches and intelligence agencies, including Military Special Operations and members of the CIA, TSA, FBI, NSA, MI6 and more.

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