Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Technocrats War

Source: The Technocratic Tyranny

April 11, 2017

Saturday last, Darren Weeks, the host of Govern America radio program had a clip of Hillary Clinton speaking at the 2017 Women in the World Summit. Just prior to playing the clip of Hillary, he played a montage of clips of U.S. leaders across administrations saying exactly the same thing that Donald Trump did as he announced that he was going to bomb Syria.

The Women in the World Conference has the video of it on YouTube. The following is the full clip of Hillary talking about Syria.

The only purpose for installing a technocratic regime is if you intend to implement technocratic systems like they did in Iraq. An article in The Atlantic titled The Failed Reconstruction of Iraq listed how much money American taxpayers have paid for the rebuilding – and equally important an hint of the technocratic future for Americans because the technological control systems are being implemented here. Iraq must have been the pilot project:
The bill for Iraq is hard to divide into neat categories, but in rough terms: Washington spent more than $15 billion to try and improve Iraq's power and water supply, revive its schools, and repair its roads and housing; it spent another $9 billion on health care, law enforcement, and humanitarian assistance; it spent $20 billion training and re-equipping Iraqi security forces; it spent roughly $8 billion to enhance the rule of law and battle narcotics; and it spent $5 billion helping to prop up the economy.
Bowen's interviews with influential Iraqis reveal, however, that they don't seem to have noticed all this investment or don't seem grateful. One reason might be that households — as recently as 2011 — still got an average of only 7.6 hours of electricity a day, and a sixth of Iraq's citizens lacked access to potable drinking water for more than two hours a day.
When there is that kind of money involved for corporations and non-profits, it's not difficult to figure out who might be paying for the insurgents. Whatever they are paying for private military contractors is pocket change compared to what the Dons of Davos stand to make. And this is a good time to mention that the money that Bill and Hillary are making on consulting fees by facilitating deals for corporations is also pocket change compared to the money that is going to be made in the rebuilding – not to mention the long term goals of the prison planet controlled by technology.

The restrictions on water and electricity are demonstrations of the capabilities of the technocratic control systems (Smart Grid) designed to restrict the ordinary man's use of natural resources in keeping with the goals of the sustainable development programs. It doesn't matter whether the restrictions are a requirement of natural resources or not. The goal is control and the ability to demonstrate the power of the police state to control the lives of the ordinary man. (How do I know it's the Smart Grid? Because you could only shut them on and off at the household level for brief periods of time with computerized control systems).

Since 1990 when the Cold War ended and the reunification of Germany occurred, there has been a race to implement global fascism through a covert war on the people using a cover story of environmentalism and terrorism as justification for implementing technological control systems – technology for the police state. This covert war has been dubbed a "war in the context of everything else" because it is a war by stealth and it is a war against civil society by his own government. This is the global agenda – technological control over civil society. The Technocrats who are waging this war are corporate globalists who have bought our governments.

George H.W. Bush kicked off the war on civil society but he did not have time enough to do much in terms of this global war on the ordinary man. He did however negotiate the NAFTA agreement and he did agree to the "sustainable development" agenda as defined at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. The Clinton Administration picked up the agenda without missing a beat. The following two videos were made at the beginning of the Clinton Administration. Both videos define the "new mission" of the United States to replace the Cold War politics and institutions.

Please go to The Technocratic Tyranny to read the entirety of this material and view the related video clips.

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