Friday, April 21, 2017

The Pentagon Obviously Knows Something We Don't About Somalia (No Civilian Control Over the Pentagon) - Need Oil? - Claim You're Fighting Terrorism™ - Era of Big Oil is Returning - Britain (BP) Leads Dash (Daesh?) to Explore for Oil in War-Torn Somalia - April 16, 2017 Trump Gives Unrestrained Power To US Military Generals

The Pentagon notes that it is escalating military activity in the African nation of Somalia because of the need to "fight Al Qaeda – ISIS™ 'affiliated' Al Shabaab". So this is sort of how it goes according to the dysfunctional policy makers at the Pentagon and their corporate generals: Fund ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria to remove Bashar al Assad to get a Saudi Arabia/Qatar pipeline through the Middle East state of Syria. Now, bomb the shit out of Al Qaeda – ISIS™ "affiliated" Al Shabaab in Somalia to lay claim to large oil reserves.

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