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The nuclear EMP hoax - Rothschild central banking criminal syndicate targets Iran - The "elite" harvest blood from children to extend their own lives?

Source: Jim Stone


Operation "Gotham Shield"

The dates are sketchy, but they all fall between April 24 and April 27. The attack drill will be for a 10-kiloton nuke. Ham operators are asked to participate. Part of the drill will be for a nuclear EMP-triggered blackout with a 12-mile radius (that's a realistic radius). My beef against the EMP hoax is that if you are close enough to be affected by the EMP, you are cooked anyway.

The last time any drill of this sort was run was on 9/11: HEADS UP, FOLKS! 

Numerous questions and comments about EMP

EMP, when stated to be EMP, is a low-frequency pulse from a nuke. When people say "EMP WEAPONS", it is not being stated properly. These should be called electronic warfare weapons which put out continuous energy, not only a single pulse, and are very effective.

The difference: EMP from a nuke or specific EMP-producing explosive device lasts only from 1 - 5 microseconds. There is not enough time for such a short pulse to heat up and blow the protection circuits in modern devices. Total energy delivered is a function of time and amplitude. At around 2 microseconds for an average nuclear EMP, there is simply not enough time for a large amount of total energy to be delivered.

On the other hand, when people talk about Russia jamming an American warship (the USS Donald Cook), it is a far better electronic warfare tech being used, which involves extremely powerful radio transmissions of unlimited duration, and as a result far more overall power can be delivered. HOWEVER, though it has in the past shut down all the electronics on a U.S. warship, whatever Russia used still did not destroy the electronics. Once the Russians stopped jamming, everything on the warship returned to normal.

The U.S. has a higher-powered version of the same tech the Russians used to jam the Donald Cook. This tech involves generating huge amounts of power by placing magnets on the turbines of a jet engine, and having them induce a current into coils that surround the jet engine. It basically turns the jet engine into a large generator. Millions of watts. This becomes the power source for an extremely powerful microwave transmitter in the nose of the plane, that will fry anything in its path. Rabbits, birds, and other small animals that get caught in the signal immediately burst into flame. People who get caught in the signal path also die, and those on the fringes get permanent eye damage in the form of cataracts. This tech was used during the second Gulf War, and left a lot of Iraqis with damaged eyesight. There were also numerous reports of melted tanks and melted sand in Iraq, and at the time I suspected it was this type of weapons system that did it.

If that type of weapon was used to jam or destroy electronics, it would not be EMP. That type of weapon is not a myth. But that type of weapon also can't wipe out the entire country; it just fries or disables whatever is in front of the plane.

Whatever was on the SU-24 that disabled the Donald Cook was not the same thing America experimented with in Iraq. There were no reports of injured sailors. Whatever Russia used probably had an intelligent manipulation of the signal to disable electronics without hurting people. It was probably still a very strong signal, but not strong enough to kill. Here is a report about America's use of microwave weapons in Iraq. Because the report about this weapons system is in The New York Times, it is not honest about what these weapons systems would do to people. It is virtually impossible to get that information anymore. But the bottom line that anyone ought to be able to read and understand is that if you can transmit a microwave signal so powerful it can blow electonics that are in thick concrete bunkers, it can't possibly be good for people on the surface, or even survivable.

On the ground, if you are in the dive path directly in front of an airplane using this type of weapons system, the kill path is about 100 yards wide.

I do not believe the nuclear EMP hoax. However, there are other things out there that I'd be a lot more afraid of. One pass of such a plane over an American town would blow every single thing in the town if the plane flew high enough to spread the beam out and not kill any people. Whatever such a system will accomplish (killing people or only frying electronics) all depends upon how it is used, and how close to the target the pilot is willing to get. 

Once again, the EMP hoax:

The range of an EMP is no more than 30 miles for the largest nuke.


America, France, Russia and others have conducted numerous nuclear tests. Hundreds in Nevada alone. No hard proven EMP consequence; and even for the unproven but possibly associated events, nothing of significance. Only an effect was observed that was a curiosity, and not doomsday. Not even for Russia's BEHEMOTH Tsar Bomba, other than windows blown out 560 miles away. How about all that damage caused by Kim Jong doing tests IN MODERN TIMES? None that I heard of! Kim Jong's airport is still working! Yes, there is an 80-inch big screen there showing departures; it did not fry!

The grid is the grid; nothing changed with it between then and now, other than much better protection circuits and the use of DC for high-voltage distribution. Lightning arresters would do away with the EMP from ANY NUKE. They are hard-wired components. Get too much lightning or an overwhelming surge and you destroy the lightning arrester, nothing more. Please put your thinking cap on; The Day After was B.S.

If there is an "emp" it will be nothing more than the government committing a false flag to get control over the people. Cut the power, shut off their phones, disable all the newer cars, and watch the public cry for a solution! The public will walk right into enemy hands. HOW ABOUT: ACCEPT THE CHIP, AND YOU WILL BE HELPED? Hmmm …

We need to get away from the term "EMP" 

The real term is electronic warfare. I am assuming this reader is asking about the plane-mounted microwave weapons, which would be electronic warfare.

Anonymous sent:

"Could glasses with metal mesh (similar to what's in the door of a microwave oven) instead of lenses protect your eyes from an EMP weapon?"

My response: Yes. Any form of metal shielding will work. The (general) rule is that the holes you are looking through should be 1/8th wavelength or less in diameter. Smaller would be better. So if microwave frequencies are used, yes, the metal mesh in a microwave oven door would work fine, provided you were facing the approaching plane and not hit with the weapon from the side or behind.

EM SHIELDING: WOW, this passes the sniff test 

My comment, given in advance: The proper lingo is used here. I did not study this; it is just a comment that came in from a VERY credible source that appears to be completely legit:

Chris Kitze sent:

Jim, following up on the EMP issues, I've been working with a friend on a shielding technology to protect against everything from cell phones (3-5G), microwaves and on down to magnetic / EMP that will be laminated into a flexible PVC sheet and made into various shapes for small Faraday cages, etc. This tech can shield against destructive and spying frequencies, and it has to be tested thoroughly with expensive equipment to know it actually works. You can't judge things with an AM radio in a trash can; that's a joke.

The current technology we've been able to find basically stopped in the 1970s, so it's out of date for the new things coming and it hasn't been properly tested -- even the DOD is lagging on this -- I think this is the reason all the carriers were back in port at the same time getting retrofitted to protect against this kind of electronic warfare. Most of the current tech (e.g. Silent Pocket) are good only for NFC, cell, microwaves, and many haven't been tested to cover the new 5G. Existing products use two layers of a silver-coated wire or plastic mesh, separated by an insulating layer of nylon. The aluminized mylar things on Amazon are only good for static and not much more, even in multiple layers.

The trick with the low frequencies is to use nickel or nickel alloys, and they have to be properly annealed and manufactured to actually block these things; this requires a third layer of foil with special treatment, in addition to the other two layers mentioned previously. People are now even adding 2-3% ferrite and other metal powders into concrete mixes to protect buildings! All your tinfoil hat readers are just ahead of the crowd… As you mention, EMP from a nuke is probably not a huge threat; it's the high-powered microwave plane or cruise missile flying by, or even a CME from the sun, that's the biggest threat to electronics.

5G is potentially the most problematic, because it is very near to the frequency being used in the so-called "terahertz" airport body scanners. Once this gets deployed, anyone with a "viewer" could see through people's clothes, walls of houses, inside cars, etc. using the signal propagated from cell towers! Law enforcement will be able to do warrantless searches of nearly anything: inside your bags, car, home, under your clothes, etc. They can also use a more powerful NFC to trigger the chip inside your passport or ID to know exactly who is inside a house or card BEFORE they even pull over a car or go inside a building. You will want to shield all the NFC/RFIC stuff, your trunk and whatever else you want protected.

Yes, it literally sounds like tinfoil hat time, but it's becoming real very fast. The long-term health consequences of 5G are not known, but they could result in lots of cancers and other ailments that will only be discovered AFTER the tech is put into use. With 5G, every cell tower is now like a high-powered airport scanner. When one of my tech guys explained this to me, it was pretty shocking, and people will want to start paying attention.

Are nukes real?

There is a campaign on the web saying nukes are not real. Anonymous sent:

I've been reading your stuff for the last 8 months after having initially found you when researching Fukushima and discovering your report. I wonder if you would ever speak to the belief of some that the nuclear bomb as we know it is a fabrication, with many questions raised about existing footage?

My response: I have immediate family that would go to Nevada and watch the nuclear blasts when they were announced. ALL of the nuclear tests were announced before they were done. And as a spectator event, many many people went and watched from their cars in the desert, including my immediate family. I don't think they were full of crap when they talked about it decades ago, and even now. I have always been GTFO over the whole "nukes are fake" ruse; that's right up there with flat earth!

Campaign promises:

The Daily Wire did a report on how many of Trump's campaign promises were delivered in the first 100 days. Surprisingly, Trump delivered, to varying degrees, on about 70 percent of them. However, no one expected him to attack Syria; having Kushner be the real President, and calling for Assange to be arrested is so bad It really throws water on Gorsuch making the Supreme Court and a token defunding of Planned Parenthood. Yes, defunding sanctuary cities was a good move, but everyone is moving ahead with forcing vaccines into even adults now. Bottom line: the huge apparatus Americans hated is progressing full steam ahead with not a single arrest, while comparative window dressing issues are the only things getting done. WHAT ABOUT DRAINING THE SWAMP, TRUMP?

Tillerson goes full retard on Iran!

FACT: Iran has a well-announced "defense only" military. Even when Saddam was used by America to attack Iran in the late '80s, leading to the Iran–Iraq war which was devastating to Iran, once Saddam was pushed back across the border Iran did not do anything of significance on Iraqi turf. Iran has proven beyond all doubt that if you want war, you have to go there to fight it; they will not bring war to other nations. Iran has not attacked another nation in over 200 years. 

With that as the background info, WHY did Rex Tillerson just say this today? 

"The Iran deal represents the same failed approach to the past that brought us to the current imminent threat that we face from North Korea. The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran. The evidence is clear: Iran's provocative actions threaten the United States, the region and the world. Once the National Security Council completes its review of the nuclear deal, we will meet the challenges Iran poses with clarity and conviction."

My comment: What? In what way has Iran EVER provoked the United States, other than to respond to threats and punishment from the United States? Tillerson looks like a WHACK JOB, an NWO troll who wants to contribute to the Rothschild dynasty by destroying any nation that refuses a Rothschild-owned central bank. Want to know Tillerson's real problem with Iran? HERE IT IS:

Iran's central bank building does NOT HAVE A SIX-POINTED STAR ON IT!

If Iran has not attacked anyone, and still needs to be met with "clarity and conviction", what "threat" is Iran really, when all other nations in the so-called "axis of evil" constitute the sum total of all nations that do not have a Rothschild Jewish central bank?

All pretty obvious!

HMMMMM … blood from umbilical cords helps old people think??!!??

This is as naked as it gets. This is a clear explanation for why so many children get abducted. The blood in the umbilical cord that is being mentioned here is the same blood that circulated through the baby. This is a covering of tracks; no doubt about it, the "elite" really do use blood from babies to extend their existence.

SEE THIS and put your thinking cap on! The rumors that the "elite" use the blood of children to extend their useful lives just got a huge boost of credibility. Problem: What about the children? Obviously they are disposable. I seriously doubt the "elite" have the patience to harvest blood from children at a sustainable rate while they maintain the children appropriately; and instead simply drain them out all at once.

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