Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tapestry of Terror - White Helmets Exposed As FSA Terrorists Linked With ISIS

"I want to help the people of Syria."


  1. It should be recognized if it hasn't already that Clooney's producing partner is Grant Heslov who is Jewish. This "documentary" on the "white helmets" being organized and set up by the British as is stated in this clip, was directed by the British movie director Orlando von Einsiedel. Clooney is just the handsome halfwit delivery boy presented to the American people who have about as much intellectual rigor as a box of rocks. Clearly, the discourse is being run by the British-Jewish connection re: Israel. Again, we see over and over again British brains; American muscle.

    Reliable reports indicate the Russians are pulverizing the sh*t out of these delusional mercenary Captagon-induced lunatics ripping Syria up over the last 36 hours.

  2. Veterans Today reports 34 of 59 Tomahawks were taken out by air defense systems, war mongers ignore warning....

    Sign WH petition >

    Help this go viral....we have limited options....

    1. This is the correct link:

  3. That is a very well investigated piece of work ..Lets see more ..

  4. The rotten redcoats are behind everything .

    1. Or perhaps the "red shield" = Rothschild?

  5. I read that these "groups" disguised were reported that the gas attack was done by them (rebels). And it wasn't the deadly gas (as you can see no one was wearing the correct protective gear in photos) and the Sweden physician stated that the the people didn't die of such. One Sweden physician stated that if the persons were not dead, these groups shot an adrenaline straight into the heart to kill them. Also, there is no hospital undertaking a deadly attack would have time to video tape and tweet. They would be too busy dressing in protection gear, getting the rooms radioactive free and treating the patients.

  6. The Truth About The Syrian Chemical Attack – A Timeline Of False Flags & Lies

  7. Busted: We know who did it, we name them and we have caught them trying it again

    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Nahed al Husaini, Damascus

    Veterans Today sent a team to Idlib from Turkey and then to Damascus, through rebel lines, to make the following report. Though the report is not comprehensive, it outlines the real situation “on the ground” at Khan Sheikhoun, what really happened and what is happening now. This was not done without considerable risk and without, as part of the process, VT being hacked by US Army Cyber Command and subjected to a National Security Letter by DHS and threatened to remain silent, which we are obviously ignoring.

    The story below is not what is convenient, not what Russia and Syria are telling, it is simply the truth. We begin:

    Plans for the April 2017 attack on Khan Sheikhoun, an town known to host an al Nusra command center, began some two weeks ago. The committee to plan the attack was coordinated on the ground in Idlib by Amir Abou al Baraa al Sheshani of al Nusra and the Turkish Army intelligence command, housed at Khan Sheikhoun, commanded by Colonel Osmon Ozon.
    There have been many claims that Sheshani has been killed, two from 2016 alone. We can confirm that he is coordinating al Nusra forces and combined FSA/Turkish military in Idlib province.

    We received two version of the story in Idlib, one from a Turkish intelligence official with a love for single malt Scotch and another from an al Nusra commander. We give each:

    The Turkish officer claims this was a planned attack, with orders from Ankara.
    Our al Nusra informant says there was an “accident” and gas leaked. He may have meant an attack of some kind damaged the canisters, we just aren’t sure. We will publish what we have.

  8. This must be true because as noted by others no one had protective gear on while they were supposed to ne treating those injured , washing it off with water ? Thats a good one . We warned you before the staged gas attack and now we see it again. There is an al Jazeera film crew here meeting with the White Helmets Foundation. They have begun filming scenes, using smoke machines, actors running back and forth, shooting and reshooting scenes to get them right.

    This attack is to be a bombing by the Syria Air Force using white phosphorus, not sarin, not chlorine gas.

    When we left, the film team was busy in Saraqib, it looked just like a movie crew filming an episode of Homeland for the Israelis.”

  9. Video Shows White Helmets Staging Fake Rescue In Syria /A must have clip .


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