Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Robert David Steele Norway Interview "Clinton Foundation biggest organized crime family I know of"

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: Recommended for 2017 cycle by Jan H. Kalvik, as disclosed in his essay "Intelligence & the Nobel Peace Prize," Defence and Intelligence Norway. PR1 PR2 (Norwegian) PR3 (English) PR4 (Trump-Putin)


  1. Rothschild is the biggest crime syndicate.... Kennebunkport Cosa Nostra a big subset....

  2. With Hindu witch-queen Nikki Haley’s pronouncement at the United Nations Security Council that the US would consider unilateral regime change for Syria based on, well based on what? The US has no intelligence other than reports from sources Trump has long noted as “fake.” Now he is willing to “go to the mattresses” with Russia for what he calls his new “redline.”

    For those unaware, Haley was raised Hindu, her real name is Nimrata Randhawa. This wasn’t important until her hatred of Islam began to be obvious. Yes, Nimrata is a bigot and racist, a warmonger and it is easy to see why she fit in with the Israeli assets, conmen, pedophiles and hillbillys that make up the Trump regime.

    With the origin of the story that the Syrian Air Force, for no reason whatsoever, no evidence given, dropped Sarin gas bombs on a town in Idlib known to possess a warehouse filled with mustard and chlorine gas shells mind you, let’s choose to ignore this coincidence, being the “White Helmets,” we can now safely assume there is no accident. The gas attack is a real attack and the White Helmets tell us who did it.

    Liberal actor George Clooney produced an Oscar winning documentary on the White Helmets for Netflix last year. Within the group green-lighting the project, we recognized more groomed “assets” at Netflix and all throughout the project.

    A cursory “googling” of “White Hats propaganda” will provide a generalized view of what a vacuous pack of scum the White Hats are. Our own look at them has found their organization to include many hardcore terrorists built around a framework of Israeli trained psychological warfare teams.

    There is no evidence that “White Hats” actually do anything but stage “events” and are complicit in causing the casualties they are photographed with. The same actors have appeared in photo and video time and time again.

    Moreover, they also appear from time to time as armed participants in videos shot by both ISIS and al Qaeda, same actors, White Hats some days, AK’s and head chopping on others.

  3. Looking at his surroundings , he sure didnnt do too bad for himself telling lies for the CIA . Having said that a lot of what he says may be true , but to let them off is just not right , all the traitors should pay the price given how many were shot in wars for refusing to do their murders for them , the mistake they all made was not getting in 1st andfighting back against the real enemy, those who shot them .

  4. The 13th amendment that was on the books for fifty years stated clearly that anyone serving a public office would have their US citizenship stripped away and could no longer serve in any public office. The people of the States of America are not citizens unless serving in a public office. Citizens are a kind of subject, beholden to their masters, The people in the States of America united or not, them selves and the people acting as nationals. These common law, the law of the land citizens are by law unincorporated and 100 percent liable to the people not BS immune for their actions. The concepts of citizen needs corrected as this term makes it appear the people are subjects or citizens when in fact that is not a right, can be stripped away for good cause and also indicates one is in a public office or in modern times and employee of the government and their fore subject to laws designed to protect the people, licenses, fines, etc. It would be pretty stupid to fine your self so you would protect yourself now would it not? Have a license or permission of the owner to go on your own land. The song goes this land is your land and my land not you and mine corporation.


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