Saturday, April 15, 2017

H.R. McMaster's Ties To Soros-Supported Think Tank Raise Questions

Source: Disobedient Media

National Security Advisor Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster's past affiliation with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has created fresh concerns after research conducted by Disobedient Media revealed that the British think tank has taken funding from multiple governments in the Middle East and organizations tied to George Soros. McMaster's former position with the IISS indicates a potential conflict of interest given the think tanks' financial ties to sponsors who are anti-American and in some cases, states sponsors of terrorism.

I. The IISS Has Financial Ties To Middle Eastern States And Soros-Connected Organizations

The International Institute for Strategic Studies is a UK-based think tank with strong establishment ties which was credited by former U.S. Ambassador Raymond Leonard Garthoff in his memoirs as being a driving force in creating "intellectual structures for managing the Cold War." The IISS has famously boasted that it "owes no allegiance to any government, or to any political or other organization" and produces research cited and utilized by a vast number of groups internationally. But on December 6th, 2016, The Guardian reported that documents published by the organization Bahrain Watch showed that the IISS received more than £25 million in funding from the Bahraini royal family. The leaked documents also revealed that the IISS and Bahrain's rulers specifically agreed to keep the latter's funding secret, which would be used to pay for an IISS office in the country as well as annual conferences on Middle East politics attended by heads of state and other powerful figures in Bahrain’s capital of Manama. The Middle East Eye also published research indicating that in 2015 this funding accounted for over half the IISS' total income during that period.

Please go to Disobedient Media to read the entire article.

David Petraeus' "golden child" H.R. McMaster


  1. Who hasn't got ties to Soros? Good 'ol George backs every runner, in every race. The predicted demo's and hassle scheduled for today don't seem to be happening now Trump has fallen nicely into line. In short the Jesuit Zionists are completely in control and their war machine will continue to roll around the world, probably next stop Palestine. Israel first right?

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