Sunday, April 23, 2017

Has the Trauma Sunk In Deep Enough?

If you are a parent and risk losing your children, or are now experiencing the trauma of losing your children that you created to predatory bureaucracies or organizations cashing in on your children, then you and your spouse need to study the law as presented by Karl Lentz.

AD note: Ditch the Pizzagate material. It was designed to take people sideways.


  1. Further to the important and very disturbing top video, if you find reading subtitles annoying here are the words of this brave man.

    Banker: I Was Told To Sacrifice Children At An Illuminati Party.
    Dutch banker Ronald Bernard was asked to sacrifice a child at a party. That is when he quit the Illuminati.

    Describing his experiences in the banking Illuminati in an gut-wrenching TV interview, Ronald shared details about the way the cabal uses child sacrifice to test and blackmail its members.

    Full translation:
    Baxter Dmitry
    April 23, 2017

  2. Full transcript of English subtitles of "Dutch Whistleblower"

  3. Ronald Bernard worked as an elite banker and came back with a shocking story of what happened within the system.
    The Outer Dark | Apr 22, 2017

  4. What nonsense, "Ditch the Pizzagate material. It was designed to take people sideways." !! Pizzagate is a DC-centric subset of the global Pedogate scandal. Its principals Alefantis, Pedosta, etc. are GUILTY AS HELL of sexually abusing and trafficking children. YES, Comet Ping Pong has been one front establishment (among many in DC and elsewhere) that has been used in pedo-abuse and pedo-entrapment operations. Have you not looked at Alefantis's very disturbing Twitter feed, for crying out loud??

    If you are not aware of the fact, legitimate emails by Pedosta and friends were analyzed by multiple INDEPENDENT RESEARCHERS in an effort to explain the bizarre food-coded language (Obama + hotdogs + walnut sauce, and so on). As David Seaman, Steve Shellen, and other people have correctly reiterated, PIZZAGATE IS REAL.

    WISE UP and don't push fake "debunkings"! Your readers are not fools.


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