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Anglo-American (Israel) ISIS™ Mercenary Chemical Weapons Storage Building Hit - US Military Attack Coming on Syria Under Chemical Weapons Attack Pretext - Chemical Attack in Idlib Kills 58 - Attack Timed as Syrian Air Force Jet Flew Overhead - US Military Escalation Continues in Syria - Fox News Immediately Blames Russia and Syria for Using Chemical Weapons - Here We Go Again

Source: 21st Century Wire

Reviving the 'Chemical Weapons' Lie: New US-UK Calls for Regime Change, Military Attack Against Syria

April 4, 2017
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Here it comes again. As the enemies of peace continue to pressure a new US President into deeper war commitments overseas, and as Washington's Deep State works relentlessly opposing Russian moves in Syria at every turn, the war drums have started again – beating harder than ever now, clamouring for a new US-led attack on Syria. This morning we saw the familiar theme emerge, and just in time to provide a convenient backdrop to this week's Brussels' 'Peace Talks' and conference on "Syria's Future".

The US-led 'Coalition' prepares to make its end-run into Syria to 'Retake Raqqa,' and impose its Safe Zones in order to partition Syria, more media demonization of the Syrian government appears to be needed by the West.

On cue, the multi-billion dollar US and UK media machines sprung into overdrive this morning over reports based primarily from their own 'activist' media outlets. Aleppo Media Center and others embedded in the Al Nusra-dominated terrorist stronghold of Idlib, Syria, alongside their media counterpart the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) funded by the UK and EU, are all now claiming that the Syrian and Russian Airforces have launched a chemical weapons airstrike killing civilians in Idlib.

In their report today entitled, "Syria conflict: 'Chemical attack' in Idlib kills 58", the BBC is also alleging in their report that Sarin gas was used.

The alleged "chemical airstrikes" are said to have taken place in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, about 50km south of the city of Idlib.

Predictably, the BBC and other similar reports by CNN, have triggered a wave of 'consensus condemnation' and indignation by the usual voices, the UN's Staffan de Mistura, Francois Hollande, and, of course, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who said that President Bashar al-Assad "would be guilty of a war crime" if it somehow be proven that his 'regime' was responsible.

"Bombing your own civilians with chemical weapons is unquestionably a war crime and they must be held to account," he said (reported by BBC).

But is the mainstream media's version of events what actually happened?

The BBC claims in their article that, "Opposition activists said Syrian government or Russian warplanes carried out the strikes." This claim should be checked against any Russian air sorties scheduled for the same period. As of this morning, Russia's defence ministry has stated that it had not carried out any air strikes the area.

Please go to 21st Century Wire to read the entire article.

Source: Fort Russ

No Evidence That Khan Sheikhoun Gas Attack Resulted From Aerial Bombardment 

April 4th, 2017 - Fort Russ News - - Breakingnews.sy - - translated by Samer Hussein -

According to the unverified rumours, spreading in the corporate press, a a poisonous gas attack was carried out in the Syrian village of Khan Sheikhoun, located in Idleb province. Dozens of civilians are said to be killed, with Syrian and Russian air force units being named as the main suspects, despite no evidence.

The affected area is otherwise under complete control of the terrorist groups whose positions are occasionally being targeted by the Russian and Syrian Air Force.

The news of the incident were allegedly forwarded by the controversial White Helmets and the Syrian Observatory for Human Right. Both NGOs are notorious for their association with the terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, the unconfirmed reports have already triggered international response.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, commented on the news, peddled by representatives of the jihadist groups on Twitter, by saying "the shocking images that are being shared on social networks must shake the conscience of every human being", adding that "Israel strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons, especially against civilians."

The Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs, Aryeh Deri, also responded to the rumours of the jihadists and the associated images, by saying "Israel, the only superpower and democracy in the region, must lead the world to put an end to the horrible massacres in Syria. "

Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.

Be advised watching this BBC news clip the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is funded by the UK and EU, so the BBC promoting this organization as its sole news source from Syria indicates this news story is meant to make it appear the Syrian army released the chemical weapons on these people in Iblib, Syria:

As the following Fox News clip is watched on the chemical attack in Iblib, Syria, listen carefully how the chemical weapons were used in "rebel-held territory". Stating "rebel-held territory" is intended to convince the viewing public this was a chemical attack on rebels carried out by the Syrian Air Force, and so by inference implicates the Syrian government. Reports coming in from different sources reported that the chemical attack was timed as a Syrian air force fighter jet flew overhead and that was how the chemical weapons were delivered over Iblib. Edited April 5, 2017: It now appears a Syrian air force strike hit an ISIS weapons storage building where chemical weapons were stored.

Further reading:

Dozens reported killed in alleged gas attack in Syria, military denies involvement (PHOTOS)

In this psychological warfare grade media article, Fox News immediately blames Russia and Syria for the chemical weapons attack in Iblib, Syria without any evidence whatsoever:

Ignoring UN, Russia and Assad continue Syrian chemical weapons and bombing attacks labeled war crimes

As to be expected with military grade psychological warfare from the UK media, the Daily Online runs with this news of the chemical attack on Iblib. The British are particularly devastating with their contrived news stories in order traumatize the public into supporting a militarily strike on Syria using their American proxies for the heavy lifting. Russia being Britain's "mortal enemy" for the past 200 years, Britain led by Theresa May accuses the "Syrian regime" or Russia for this chemical attack.

Assad gasses kids with SARIN: At least 11 children among 100 civilians killed in chemical attack - followed up with rocket hit on hospital treating survivors

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