Monday, March 6, 2017

Why is a Chinese-American (Chairman Chao Born in Taipei) Planning America's Infrastructure? - Syndications With the BofA - Bonds are More Debt - Pay Attention: Trump Administration Picking up the Threads of the Bush Agenda - Democrats Are Anachronistic But the Agenda Remains the Same - Syndicated Loans and Packaging of Debt Instruments - Lockheed Martin "Speaks" to State Governors - Get Ready for More Debt America

Source: C-Span
National Governors Association Conference, Secretary Chao on Infrastructure Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao spoke at the last day of the National Governors Association winter meeting. She talked about about the Trump administration's desire to invest in infrastructure. Following her remarks, she took questions and listened to concerns from some of the governors in attendance. Afterward, the president of an intelligent transportation trade group and a division of defense contractor Lockheed Martin spoke to the governors before Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA), the association's chair, adjourned the meeting.

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