Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Underhanded tactics underway by the pedophile elite

Jim Stone


We need to start keeping track of who vanished. I am getting sick of seeing the same pattern: Web site vanishes. Whoever ran it bashed to death by endless troll posts. One thing the trolls always focus on is how much people got in donations. David Seaman, who was covering Pizzagate, was handled this way. His web site simply blinked out, and then trolls said he did the whole Pizzagate thing to troll for money, and they knew exactly how much he got in donations. How did they know? Because he was honest and posted them the same way I do. And the total he got in donations was not even equal to a mid-level income, especially when you consider how much he did.

There are concealment methods that are now newly out in the open with regard to Pizzagate/cannibalism/child sacrifice: any time a damning photo or video comes out, the troll line is "that is from a movie" or "that is from a video game". They then cite an obscure work no one has ever heard of before, and call everyone stupid for saying it was real. They did this with the cannibal dinner photos, and I thought, well, maybe that is true, and pulled the pictures. But then they did it with the Podesta child rape video that was so obviously real: they said it was from a video game, and then cited a video game no one ever heard of. And I called BULLSHIT on that.

These people are desperate. And I now believe the method they are going to use to shut up alt media every time something major breaks will involve the rapid production of fake games and videos that have whatever alt media comes up with dropped into them, so they can then call hoax on what was really the truth. They will then use ICANN to take the alt media site down, and then backstab whoever ran it, saying it was all for money and that was the end of it.

Folks, NO ONE is going to run a for-profit gig with a total budget of less than $5,000 per month. Absolutely no one. Because a real web site does not happen for free, and on top of that you have to do incredibly skilled work to keep an audience. When these alt media types are clearly running on shoestring budgets, trolling them over "how much they make" in donations – all the while they are unilaterally banned from getting ads, to kill them off – is such blatant falsehood that, well, if I could swing a baseball bat through a computer screen and hit such trolls, I would, absolutely. It is the pit of filth to backstab alt media for falling back on the help of readers after the same people who troll them for it cut off the normal income stream to begin with.

And we are beginning to see this, as a universal widespread tactic.

We need to get a clear picture of who has vanished.

If you know of an alt media web site that mysteriously blinked out for no reason, including any where "supposedly the guy is somewhere else now trying a new thing", please drop the name of it into the message window. We need to keep track of this now. There is no conceivable reason why David Seaman or Ben Swann or anyone else would simply blow up without any warning whatsoever and vanish into a "new venture" in the middle of nowhere. That NEVER happens; there is ALWAYS a long run-up to such moves, and usually extensive longterm overlapping of web sites with re-directs to the new location. When I made the move to Iceland, I put in a re-direct, and now, two years later, the ORIGINAL location is still active, sending anyone that hits it straight to here. That is how it is done, folks; people don't just switch stuff off.

This web site would have been that type of "sudden shut-off" casualty recently if preparations had not been made in advance to survive it when ICANN made their move two weeks ago. I know this is happening, because I saw them try it myself. I may have made it, but you can't expect people in alt media to be tech-savvy enough to get through an ICANN knockdown. Once they are knocked offline, it would be all too easy to simply bash their doors in and cart them off, and then have trolls finish the job with a massive slander campaign so you forget about them. That is definitely happening now, and we need to treat all vanishings of alt media people as precisely that, accepting NO story about "Oh, he never mentioned it, and he was posting every single day, and POOF, he just decided to try something new and even said it himself", or "Oh, it was ALL FOR THE MONEY: he made his bit and took off".

REMEMBER: Trolls only need to stall people looking into the vanishing of a web site, while placing enough doubt in people with regard to the web site to make people think "maybe" for about a week, and people won't return to the topic again. Mission accomplished. In this way, they will snuff all of alt media out like a rain-soaked match. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN.

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