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Project Destiny

Source: TVOI News

March 7, 2017

This morning on KTVB Channel 7 Local News, there was a story about a new transmittable virus that effects babies but the babies show no symptoms. The name of the virus is Cytomegalovirus (CMV). The reason for the use of the word new is because it is something that few people have heard of before now. There is a couple that a daughter who allegedly has this virus and her parents started a Foundation to educate people and the health care community about it – and the Idaho legislature passed a bill recognizing the virus and they appropriated money for educational materials to distribute around the state. Apply some logic and common sense to that and it doesn’t compute.

This is my worst nightmare come true since 2007 when I began writing about the Human Genome Project in conjunction with the redesign of our health care system – the emergence of a new unheard of disease that shows no symptoms but is preventable and treatable and supposedly a significant percentage of the population has it. It's the perfect diagnosis for applied genetics research on an unsuspecting population and the redesign of our health care system with nationalized medical records was designed to accommodate it. In 2009 when I heard the name Project Destiny and I researched it and found that it had to do with the pharmaceutical profession, it was simply further confirmation that my instincts in 2007 and my subsequent research to find the elements of the system design that would enable it were correct.

Project Destiny was a strategic plan to add a new role in health care for your local pharmacist. On August 15, 2007, Medical News Today reported that the Pharmaceutical Industry Supports Visionary Project Destiny Initiative, USA. Project Destiny required a new specialty be approved by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties. It was announced in March of 2008 in an article titled Pharmacy Groups Unveil Findings, Future of "Project Destiny".
The stated objective of Project Destiny is to develop a replicable, scalable, measurable, and economically viable future model for community pharmacy. The project seeks to identify ways that patients and the healthcare system can benefit from community pharmacy's medication expertise, in a way that is economically viable for all parties.

One key concept that emerged from the first phase of the project is that of a "primary care pharmacist," who would work collaboratively with the healthcare delivery and financing systems and focus on managing medications, positively impacting health outcomes, reducing overall healthcare system costs and empowering consumers to actively manage their health. Putting this concept into practice would require the development of pharmacy-based Patient Care Management Services that are consistent nationwide while maintaining the autonomy of individual pharmacies.
A petition for the new specialty was submitted to the Board in November of 2008 along with a supporting report – Project Destiny Executive Summary.

A pharmacist as medication manager and front line health care provider fits into the agenda of applied genetics research because in order to personalize medications for a person's DNA requires customized drugs which means a compounding pharmacist (maker of drugs) and access to the medical record and a say in the patient's care. Project Destiny fulfills that requirement.

Reciprocal Licensing

This morning when I was looking on the Idaho Legislature website for the legislation to support the education initiative for this unknown, symptomless viral disease called Cytomegalovirus, I found a couple of other related health care bills:

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