Sunday, March 26, 2017



MP Tobias Ellwood says he is 'heartbroken' he could not save Pc Keith Palmer during Westminster terror attack

Tobias Ellwood appointed to privy council for Westminster attack response

SHADES OF GLADIO? London Attacker 'Known' to MI5 – Police Terror Drill Days Before


  1. No doubt giving him instructions , The cop looked like a spook , they already raised over 650,000 pounds , quite a payoff . Final photo' of hero PC Keith Palmer taken just 45 minutes before attack emerges Of course she is a well known actress The money shot .6 MILLION CAMERAS BUT NOT ONE CAUGHT THE FAKE STABBING OR POLICE SHOOTING .. SHE STARRED IN nYMPOMANIAC MOVIE. The Yanks and british are up to their neks in fase flags .

  2. So we have a USA woman talking to the supposed cop just before taking the money shot then we have oly one witness video and you would guess where he is from ?? Mr Sikorski, a senior fellow at Harvard Centre for European Studies of course "" hasto be crooked Harvard skull and bones . Just check out how fake this is . Some pics from Sky Graphic footage of London terror attack, IT WAS ALL FAKE
    Read more at CCTV AT ALL . NO OTHER VIDEO AT ALL ??

  3. London’s Parliament is also the site of the false flag that created the modern world as we know it: the gunpowder plot, in which “radical Catholic” patsy Guy Fawkes was set up with a barrel of wet gunpowder beneath Parliament in a fake terror plot designed to whip up hatred of Catholics and unleash a century of war against Spain and Portugal.

  4. Abel danger , make sure you get a copy of this for your archives . M17 1ST PICS NO BLOOD SOME OTHER SUBTANCE

  5. MH 17 Flies Away From Crash Scene Radar Reveals the Truth Whats interesting about this is Singapore is now sendingtroops to train in Australia /

  6. When uou go to a conference Field you need to get modern , slides video of proof would really upset the fajes and do more than words could ever do . Those pics of the crash in Ukraine and radar video would blow any doubters away instantly . You can put it all on a thumb drive or poratble drive , plug and play on laptop . You can explain the radar better than anyone . Your getting really good on your video's now Field . David could do the same . In this day andage people still only believe what they see on a screen , from yrs of brainwashing no doubt . But you can use itto your advantage . A picture can speak a thousand words .

  7. The result as expected , redcoat terror . SAS TROOPS are to be deployed to London’s streets permanently in the wake of the Westminster attack to bolster security in the capital, it’s been reported.

    Specialist soldiers will reportedly be placed on standby at a secret location in the city centre for at least the next year.

    It comes as a ring of steel was erected around London’s landmarks to strengthen defences and prevent another attack.

    Elite officers, normally based in Hereford, will be on an “immediate notice to move” and be armed with special “take-down” bullets, according to the Daily Star.

    They’ll also reportedly be able to enter buildings using explosives or “fast-rope” from helicopters on to roofs.


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