Saturday, March 18, 2017

It Took This Long? - Trey Gowdy Convenes Committee To Investigate Child Exploitation / Sex Crimes: Opening Statement - We Want to See Arrests and Convictions

Russia: Putin awards Order of Parental Glory to large families on Intl. Children's Day 

Putin Slams Europeans for Upholding Child Rape by a Migrant: Europe has no Future!

Further reading:

Bombshell report: Police confirm former UK Prime Minister raped dozens of children and the government covered it up


  1. Does he mean like the Franklin coverup ??? Not one person arrested andit involved the Whitehouse . ??? Please explain ???

  2. So are they saying they will arrest the CIA and Politicians too ??? I think not . I CAN FEEL A CHILDREN TRACKING CHIP COMING ON .

  3. children tracking chip - just remember!!!! that wikileaks just dropped Vault 7 - in which it was revealed that cars with comp.chips can be taken over remotely. It is conceivable that the chip in the child can be de-activated remotely - thus your child is untraceable! Don't fall for this "we will protect you and your childred" crap...

  4. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is a private company which, apparently takes in information about exploitation, and just keeps it...until someone asks for information, and then they prevaricate, obfuscate, delay and deny.

    Go to YouTube and find 'The Honeybee', she has proved this, along with a certain Brian Podesta, on the board???

  5. HE BETER INVESTIGATE THE TURKS. When Flynn visited Moscow in 2015 and attended the Russia Today gala, where Flynn told his hosts how he would stand by Russia, how he supported them in Syria, how many knew that he was on the payroll of Turkish intelligence? How many understand history is repeated itself?

  6. Blah, blah blah....Howdy was Benghazi Whitewasher...."Acosta-Epstein Plea Deal" at Veterans Today....


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