Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hey Boris, The Duran Has a Message For You - When You're Finished Making a Fool Out of Yourself Pay Attention - Boris Johnson Just Demonstrated Profound Imbecility (VIDEO) - British Foreign Policy is Senseless and Illogical - Maybe It Takes a Clown to Demonstrate That?

Source: The Duran

by Ricky Twisdale

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson has been given the thankless task of trying to make nonsense make sense

Britain's foreign secretary Boris Johnson, has made a statement which, if he actually believes it, makes him look like a political dunce.

Last Sunday, Johnson generated this befuddling masterpiece, quoted in The Guardian:
We have no evidence the Russians are actually involved in trying to undermine our democratic processes at the moment. We don't actually have that evidence. But what we do have is plenty of evidence that the Russians are capable of doing that.
In other words, there is absolutely no problem but, there could conceivably be in some hypothetical scenario, so we're going to keep on pretending that there is because it's good politics.

Johnson, the former Mayor of London was previously known as a maverick who liked to tell it straight – sometimes embarrassing himself in the process.

Now he's playing the part of a bumbling fool tasked with defending an indefensible, illogical foreign policy based on fear mongering.

Oh how low the mighty have fallen.

Here’s more with The Duran's Peter Lavelle:

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