Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hello. 911? I'd like to report a robbery in progress

Source: TVOI News

March 2, 2017

This morning I began working on updating my research on the Public Health System because as you know… or should know by now, it's the Public Health System that is importing all of the refugees into Idaho. Idaho's Public Health system is a privatized system which means that YOUR government has put YOUR life and your FAMILY'S LIVES into the hands of a private organization called the Jannus Group – formerly the Mountain States Group.

The timeline for privatization can be found HERE.

Prior to my research on the Public Health System due to the connection with refugee resettlement, I was researching the health care system and health care reform because the design of the system is for applied genetics research. You don't mind being a human rhesus monkey for medical science do you?

One of the research articles I wrote in 2009 was called The Nightmare of Project Destiny. I first heard the name "Project Destiny" when I was watching a hearing on the government's takeover of AIG at the peak of the financial meltdown. Edward Liddy was the appointed CEO of AIG. I'm not sure who appointed him – the U.S. Treasury or the Federal Reserve but he was put there to manage AIG's divestment of their lines of business that put them in the financial dumper. It was Edward Liddy who made reference to Project Destiny. When I researched it, it was a plan for a new medical specialty – pharmacists as health care providers. In the new paradigm of health care by chemistry for applied genetics research, that makes sense… take the doctor out of the picture and replace him with a chemist who can mix up a witches brew to alter your DNA.

Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties Press Release

Petition for a New Specialty

Probably because of the number of times that Donald Trump used the word "Destiny" which disturbed me greatly every time I heard him say it, I went back to listen again to the testimony of Edward Liddy in the AIG hearings.

AIG Collapse and Rescue, Liddy Testimony, May 13, 2009

I noticed something this time that I didn't notice before. What I noticed was the number of Representatives from Ohio who were there questioning Liddy and who were really upset about AIG's meltdown. One of them said that their public employees pension funds were invested in AIG and they stood to lose their investments. Those public employees would be teachers, firefighters, police, state employees, etc. Then the though came to me… I wonder if the Cleveland Clinic was involved. BINGO!

Please go to TVOI News to read the entire article.

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