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Deep State Goes After Kim Jong Nam to Sabotage President Trump's Security Talks With North Korea? - Under Obama It Was About Antagonizing Pyongyang and Beijing - Trump's Team Seeks a Negotiated Non-Nuclear Korean Peninsula - South Korea’s Looming Impeachment of President Park Geun-hye - Conflageration and Confusion on the Peninsula Required - The "Merry Pranksters" - "Senseless Confrontational Mentality" - President Trump: Order the Office of Management and Budget On the Use of Line-Item Cuts

Source: The 4th Media

Demonization Campaign: Rogue CIA-NIS Agents Staged Murder Of Kim Jong Nam 

Yoichi Shimatsu | Sunday, March 12, 2017 | Beijing 

The media campaign to blame North Korea for the airport assassination of exile Kim Jong Nam collapsed after Malaysian police failed to force a phony confession out of their chief suspect under arrest. The "Transporter" Ri Jong-choi, who was accused of dropping off two alleged female assassins to murder the half-brother of North Korea's supreme leader, regained his freedom after intensive scrutiny of airport security videos showed his presence in or near the airport on February 13, the day of the killing.

The falsely accused suspect flew to Beijing in transit to his homeland and spoke to reporters gathered outside the North Korean embassy this past weekend on Saturday March 4. His account for reporters blew apart the official cover story. Ri said that during his detention police officers "kept telling me to admit to the crime and if not, my whole family would be killed."

The officers showed him photographs of what purported to be his family members inside a North Korean prison. The counterfeit images had obviously been cut-and-paste Photoshop alterations by a South Korean intelligence team, which inserted prison backgrounds into family snapshots probably pulled from Facebook or Weibo.

"That's when I realized this was a conspiracy, a plot to discredit the status and honor of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea," Ri stated to the press. No dummy, he was astute enough to realize that Malaysian police assurances of a comfortable future in Malaysia were a crude lie. If he taken the fall for the Kim Jong Nam murder, he'd now be destined for the death penalty.

At the time of his arrest, the Malaysian police said at a news conference that Ri has "expertise in chemistry", implying that he was trained in handling the VX nerve gas allegedly used against Kim Jong Nam. It turns out that Ri's chemical knowledge is limited to his job as a buyer of raw materials such as detergents, natural oils and fragrances for the soap industry.

Lesson: Never ever give credence to the mainstream media, especially in a place as corrupt and dominated by the CIA as Malaysia.

The unwitting role of the two alleged murderesses, who were recorded by airport security monitors rubbing liquid on Kim’s face prior to his death, is discussed further on. The more pressing questions are: Who organized this elaborate false-flag attack and for what purpose?

When the sensational assassination at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is compared with the time-line of Korea-related events, two main motives behind the sabotage of Track II become immediately apparent.

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Brother of North Korean leader assassinated in Malaysia

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