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As Expected Trump Is Taking the US Back Into the Middle East - ISIS™ Suicide Bomber Takes Out Dozens and Leaves Many More Wounded In Damascus - Seven Years of Carnage and It's Not Over

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Trump is taking US back into Middle East wars

Russia Responsible For US Airstrike That Murdered 50 Syrians, According to Very Reliable Sources

The US probably isn't going to stop until Syria is obliterated. Under pretense of bombing ISIS™, US sorties are destroying Syrian infrastructure:

Syria sees 'looming dam catastrophe' amid US-led airstrikes

Pentagon's claim Syria mosque untouched by US airstrike challenged by devastation footage

And finally, welcome to Syria (A Turkish remorphed terrorist terrorizing a Syrian child in Manbij, Syria.):



  2. SIBEL EDMONDS WAS CORRECT .First we need to understand the real power of lobbying in Washington. Turkey went into Washington in a big way in 1915, yes a century ago, when the slaughter of the Armenian people threatened to bring an America ready to fight Germany into a war with Ottoman Turkey as well.

    Turkey bought newspapers, politicians and anyone with a price tag on them in DC, and has kept that up until even now. Activist and author Sibel Edmonds knows this well as a former FBI translator. She stumbled on the massive Turkish spy rings in Washington and was silenced by the Bush administration for years.

    Similarly, VT’s Gwyneth Todd, former National Security Council member and White House advisor on Turkey tells a similar tale, Turkey is powerful in Washington and when many talk about “the lobby,” it isn’t Israel but Turkey or maybe Saudi Arabia.

    This is where we enter new “high risk” territory. We now have reason to believe that the overthrow of Ukraine, combined with the populist or “neo-Nazi” movements across Europe were funded by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

  3. wE ARE NOT HERE TO STEAL YOUR OIL ?? THATS A GOOD ONE GIVEN EXON IS BACK IN THE DRIVER SEAT WHEN THEY HOULD HAVE GONE TO PRISON UNTIL 911 DESTROYED THE EVIDENCE . I THINK THE REAL BEASTS ARE IN CHARGE NOW . NEVER TRUUST EXON THEY WERE IN CAHOOTS WITH SLEAZE BAG AL GORE REMEMBER . We can only go on what we really know. Turkey saw its opening after 9/11. The Bush administration, partnering with oil barons like Tillerson at Exxon, now Secretary of State under Trump, if you can believe it, sought to not just control Middle East oil but steal billions in oil and, combined with their newfound heroin franchise in Afghanistan and $3 trillion stolen from the US Department of Defense, to finance a “new world order.” Murdoch -Fox - Rothschild whohas a deal with BBC MANY DONT REALIZE .is a real scammer and not to be trusted

  4. Not a bad looking jet , Russia joins India in manufacturing arms , missiles , jets etc Good luck fighting Russia INDIA , CHINA .CALL US WHEN YOUR DONE OR DONE OVER .

  5. The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow

    By Robert Parry

    The Kagan family, America’s neoconservative aristocracy, has reemerged having recovered from the letdown over not gaining its expected influence from the election of Hillary Clinton and from its loss of official power at the start of the Trump presidency.

    Former Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who pushed for the Ukraine coup and helped pick the post-coup leaders. (She is the wife of neocon theorist Robert Kagan.)

    Back pontificating on prominent op-ed pages, the Family Kagan now is pushing for an expanded U.S. military invasion of Syria and baiting Republicans for not joining more enthusiastically in the anti-Russian witch hunt over Moscow’s alleged help in electing Donald Trump.

    In a Washington Post op-ed on March 7, Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century and a key architect of the Iraq War, jabbed at Republicans for serving as “Russia’s accomplices after the fact” by not investigating more aggressively.

    Then, Frederick Kagan, director of the Critical Threats Project at the neocon American Enterprise Institute, and his wife, Kimberly Kagan, president of her own think tank, Institute for the Study of War, touted the idea of a bigger U.S. invasion of Syria in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on March 15.

    * * * * * * *

    On Wednesday in The Wall Street Journal, Robert Kagan’s brother Frederick and his wife Kimberly dropped the other shoe, laying out the neocons’ long-held dream of a full-scale U.S. invasion of Syria, a project that was put on hold in 2004 because of U.S. military reversals in Iraq.

    But the neocons have long lusted for “regime change” in Syria and were not satisfied with Obama’s arming of anti-government rebels and the limited infiltration of U.S. Special Forces into northern Syria to assist in the retaking of the Islamic State’s “capital” of Raqqa.

    In the Journal op-ed, Frederick and Kimberly Kagan call for opening a new military front in southeastern Syria:

    “American military forces will be necessary. But the U.S. can recruit new Sunni Arab partners by fighting alongside them in their land. The goal in the beginning must be against ISIS because it controls the last areas in Syria where the U.S. can reasonably hope to find Sunni allies not yet under the influence of al Qaeda. But the aim after evicting ISIS must be to raise a Sunni Arab army that can ultimately defeat al Qaeda and help negotiate a settlement of the war.

    “The U.S. will have to pressure the Assad regime, Iran and Russia to end the conflict on terms that the Sunni Arabs will accept. That will be easier to do with the independence and leverage of a secure base inside Syria. … President Trump should break through the flawed logic and poor planning that he inherited from his predecessor. He can transform this struggle, but only by transforming America’s approach to it.”

    A New Scheme on Syria

    In other words, the neocons are back to their clever word games and their strategic maneuverings to entice the U.S. military into a “regime change” project in Syria.

    The neocons thought they had almost pulled off that goal by pinning a mysterious sarin gas attack outside Damascus on Aug. 21, 2013, on the Syrian government and mousetrapping Obama into launching a major U.S. air assault on the Syrian military.

    But Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped in to arrange for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to surrender all his chemical weapons even as Assad continued to deny any role in the sarin attack.

    Putin’s interference in thwarting the neocons’ dream of a Syrian “regime change” war moved Putin to the top of their enemies’ list. Soon key neocons, such as National Endowment for Democracy president Carl Gershman, were taking aim at Ukraine, which Gershman deemed “the biggest prize” and a steppingstone toward eventually ousting Putin in Moscow.

  6. CIA Drug Wars Could Explain Why Syrian ‘Rebels’, ISIS Violence Fuelled by Captagon Pills

    When commenting on the horrors of ISIS and all of their violent videos promoted around the clock by CNN and other mainstream media outlets, I will often hear people say, “This is just pure evil. How could they do such horrible things?” Far from being some existential mystery, there are answers to these questions, but if you are waiting for your elected representatives or their highly paid media surrogates to provide any, you will be waiting in vain.

    This week, yet another clue surfaced when Lebanon’s Daily Star reported:

    “The Internal Security Forces announced Tuesday that an operation to smuggle 3.5 million Captagon pills into Saudi Arabia has been foiled…”

    “Captagon? Never heard of it,” would be your standard answer in the west.

    This story is much deeper than most people realize. Captagon is a highly addictive compound, presently produced in places like Lebanon and Syria and currently expanding to other locations across the region. Here’s where it gets interesting: its proceeds inject hundreds of millions of dollars back into Syria’s black-market. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the main drivers of this war.

    This is one item which US officials generally will not comment on, much less try and mitigate. The reason for this is simple: Captagon is a major asset in the US Coalition’s primary directive in Syria: to destabilize the state and overthrow the government of Bashar al Assad in Damascus.

    The drug gives Washington’s “rebels” a crucial edge.

    “A powerful amphetamine tablet based on the original synthetic drug known as “fenethylline,” Captagon quickly produces a euphoric intensity in users, allowing Syria’s fighters to stay up for days, killing with a numb, reckless abandon.” (Source: Washington Post)


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