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Systemic Corruption

Source: TVOI News

The Insatiable Weaponized Charity Machine

February 03, 2017

Amidst all of the whining and crying about President Trump's Executive Orders to temporarily halt the flow of refugees (military aged men) the issue of voting fraud has left the radar screen. It needs to come back but not in the context of Russian hacking. Rather, what needs to be exposed is the corrupt political machine that is operating in our counties – funded by the federal government. The system is a national version of New York's infamous Tammany Hall.

The immigrants of yester-year that served as the power base for the corrupt Tammany politicians are called refugees today and they are being imported and settled as fast as the operatives of the Socialist International can manage it. Today's version of the national Tammany Hall System is essentially the same as it was in it's heyday when Boss Tweed's political machine was virtually unbeatable.

Privatization of Public Health

The research on refugee resettlement in Idaho revealed that there are seven Public Health districts in Idaho. They were created as independent agencies in 1970. The impression given from an outside view is that they are part of the state Health and Welfare Agency – but they are not. Idaho Code Title 39
"It is legislative intent that health districts operate and be recognized not as state agencies or departments, but as governmental entities whose creation has been authorized by the state, much in the manner as other single purpose districts. Pursuant to this intent, and because health districts are not state departments or agencies, health districts are exempt from the required participation in the services of the purchasing agent or employee liability coverage, as rendered by the department of administration. However, nothing shall prohibit the health districts from entering into contractural [contractual] arrangements with the department of administration, or any other department of state government or an elected constitutional officer, for these or any other services."
The organization for the majority of districts is that there is a District Director and a Board of Directors for the District. The board members are appointed by the County Commissioners. The board members hire the District Director.

County Commissioners are elected representatives. The County Clerk who is also an elected official runs the elections. That’s the Tammany type connection to the election system.

In 1974, the management of the District Health Offices was contracted out to a private non-profit called the Mountain States Group. A couple of years ago when activists started looking at the refugee resettlement program and the connection to the Mountain States Group, they renamed themselves The Jannus Group.

Public Health Department

What does the Public Health system do besides refugee resettlement? You can get an idea by reading this report from 2015 but the important functions from this writer's point of view are the monitoring of water systems, vaccinations for children, oversight of institutional food preparation and communicable disease and epidemiology.

Here are the pieces.... solve the puzzle: Public Health ....... Refugees ........ Terrorism ........

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  1. Interesting the Patel name comes up frequently in the article. The Soros funded left/communist organisation is run by Ricken Patel. Here's what a little research turns up: AVAAZ, (funded by George Soros and created by, among others, Ricken Patel, former consultant for the International Crisis Group, UN, Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard University, Gates Foundation, CARE International, and the Soros Network) ...

  2. interesting...I'm not being allowed to post this comment....the Patel name came up frequently in the article.Here's another Patel, at the left/commie AVAAZ, (funded by George Soros and created by, among others, Ricken Patel, former consultant for the International Crisis Group, UN, Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard University, Gates Foundation, CARE International, and the Soros Network) ...

  3. Your on the right path there . The bankster non profits " who are making billions tax free are the game , no one can compete with them because they pay no tax and are always owned by the banksters who give them the non profit status . Not only do you pay the huge prices they demand and are forced to use by law but you have to still pay for the public servants who are doing nothing , but the profits you pay to use are going straight out the door instead of the coffers , tax free , its a good gig , Al Capone must be moaning in his grave for not thinking of that .. or maybe he did they are folowing his methods of extorion . We al have to face it the criminal are running everything and always have been and the churches are involved , they even have shares in ammo factories . Soon their hero and bigest mass murderer in history in arms commo China will enter the picture wait and see .. Whoever has the industry has the power ..

  4. The term Watergate has come to encompass an array of clandestine and often illegal activities undertaken by members of the Nixon administration. Those activities included such "dirty tricks" as bugging the offices of political opponents and people of whom Nixon or his officials were suspicious. Nixon and his close aides also ordered investigations of activist groups and political figures, using the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    The scandal led to the discovery of multiple abuses of power by the Nixon administration, an impeachment process against the president that led to articles of impeachment,[2] and the resignation of Nixon. The scandal also resulted in the indictment of 69 people, with trials or pleas resulting in 48 being found guilty, many of whom were Nixon's top administration officials.[ Nixon passed a bill to allow the CIA crooks into public companies , those fronts have all but taken over the west without anybody the wiser . Ford pardoned Nixon who was scum like the rest .

  5. Ask yourself , how do you end up a billionaire like Trump yet haven't paid taxes in 17yrs because you always were at a loss , thats not possible , if you ammased that much loot you must have made a billion in profit because he wasnt rich before .

  6. And this is exactly how they do it . Now you know what this green fraud is really all about .

  7. Insider Roger Stone on the Clinton-run moles working inside the Trump White House.


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