Sunday, February 19, 2017

This is a great 10 minute video explanation of Michael Flynn's resignation and how the US deep state committed treason

Source: The Duran

Michael Flynn: A Series Of Unfortunate Events


  1. You cant have it both ways dudes the Bilderburg group does exactly that , where is the outcry ??? If he had pedo evidence he should have seized it under national security and busted them all not dilly dally around as usual . He needed to be strong and wasnt , TRUMP SHOULD NEVER HAVE CAPITUALTED TO THIS TYRANNY , THOSE WHO HAVE THE EVIDENCE HAD BETTER LEAK IT SOON OR IT WILL ALL BE COVERED UP .. As Clinton stated its about COMET all right . Those so called good FBI CIA or whoever should have given him the evidence , how stupid can they be saying anything about t without the evidence in their hands ?? Those crims are far worse .

  2. The hypocrisy of MCcain who is pictured with the terrorists paying out on Trump is mind boggling . Trump doesnt need a deep state contolled speech from a Telepromter but he sure does . Trump is cleaning up their mess not his own , he had nothing to do with it , and for MCcaine to be backing Nazis in UKRAINE , says it all .

  3. The lesson is dont say anything until youhave the evidence in hand with backup copies just in case . This going to realease business always end up as never . If the Video's are there where are they ? Once they are realeased someone has to act on them .

  4. Flynn is on injured reserve bench....jail the Ping Pong Pizza syndicate.... reappoint Flynn....

  5. This is even better , Australia truth teller get hold of cctv and blows them away on the false flag , the ADL and Mossad took court action against him .

  6. Why is Trump protecing Clinton ???? Hillary Clinton’s direct involvement in this “most blatant coup in history”, began in 2009 when she reached a “pay-to-play” arrangement with Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk to overthrow his nations legitimately elected government—and for her doing so, Clinton received nearly $9 million.

    Even greater than the nearly $9 million Hillary Clinton received directly from Victor Pinchuk to overthrow the Ukrainian government, was her further arranging to have Pinchuk appoint Hunter Biden (the son of Vice President Joe Biden) to the Board of Directors of his secretive private oil and gas company Burisma—and that occurred barely 90 days after Hunter Biden was thrown out of the US Navy for cocaine use. Biden’s Son Hunter Discharged From Navy Reserve After Failing Cocaine Test
    Lawyer Pursued Military Service as a Public-Affairs Officer

  7. Mind you the so called truth teller has been outed as a gov shill to discredit real truth via the mental health act it has since been revealed .


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