Thursday, February 2, 2017

Letter to Department of Homeland Secretary John F. Kelly - USCIS Rude and Unprofessional Behavior - No Excuse For Being Physically Theatening and Using Verbally Disrespectful Language - Retaliation Against Whistle Blower - Requesting Action

NOTICE: Trump Transition Team and DHS Secretary John F. Kelly Are Advised

Secretary Kelly, 

My name is Field McConnell, USMC 0116513, SSN 583 09 9001. I am 67 years old and myself and my wife Denise, a British Citizen, have been given horrible treatment by USCIS. Our Congressman Ron Kind has also not accomplished anything significant in regards to our 45 day effort to get my legally married wife into CONUS to be with me. However, these are administrative errors not worthy of your attention.

When my wife Denise attempted to fly home from London Heathrow to Minneapolis today on Delta Flight 11 she was blocked by a DHS Agent whose name is either Jerry Carver or Jerry Carter. I spoke with him and he was very rude and unprofessional. I can put you in touch with an eye witness to the physically threatening behavior and will put the witness phone number and email address in a private message to your office at 1645 today. However, I would ask that you as Secretary of Homeland Security attempt to get surveillance video from approximately 1015 GMT at the Terminal 3 location near Virgin/Delta ticketing agents.

According to the eyewitness, the DHS Agent was physically threatening and abusive and he, the witness, believes you should see the video of what he witnessed first hand.

This is 45 days after CBP turned my wife away at MSP when she arrived on Delta 11 from Heathrow. I would humbly ask that you have an employee of DHS or USCIS guide me on how to get my lawfully married wife into the US. My Congressman has been no help and all the required forms have been accepted by USCIS and electronically acknowledged as well as in writing. It has been suggested to me by someone under your leadership that legal spouses of U S citizens are given priority in the handling of I-130s.

I believe that if we cannot get her permission to legally enter after 45 days or filling out forms and discussing with USCIS and our Congressman perhaps her case might move forward more swiftly after this report of abuse.

I am of the opinion that yourself and the President would not appreciate a male DHS employee on duty being verbally disrespectful and physically threatening to a female of any nation, in this case a citizen of the UK married to myself, a veteran of 26 years in the military. As President Trump's Transition Team is very well aware, I am a very high profile whistle blower. But that doesn't excuse physically threatening and verbally abusive behavior by U S government employees such as was delivered by DHS Jerry Carver/Carter against my wife.

I am not asking for a reply, however, I am asking for action. You will get the witness phone number in a private email as well as a private Fax to your office fax which is xxx-yyy-1976.

Thank you sir,

Field McConnell
USMC 0116513
715 307 8222

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