Monday, February 13, 2017

Has Trump Checked Serco's Pedophile Newsgroups For Demons Blackmail of General Flynn?

Source: The Telegraph

Michael Flynn resigns as Donald Trump's national security adviser over contacts with Russian officials

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn stood down after his contacts with Russian officials Credit: Getty 

Ruth Sherlock, Washington Chris Graham
February 14, 2017 • 6:29am

Michael Flynn, Donald Trump's national security adviser, has resigned from his post after less than one month in office following reports that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russia.

The resignation capped a day of mixed messages from the White House. Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to the president, had earlier said Mr Trump had "full confidence" in Mr Flynn, before it emerged the President was "evaluating" the adviser's position.

It comes as the White House struggles to quell dissent and mistrust within the National Security Council, where many civil servants feel their advice is being ignored - and have even taken to calling the new administration "the regime".

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