Thursday, February 2, 2017

Criminal Benghazi Treason - Most Qualified for Prison

Source: The Daily Coin

February 2, 2017

Clinton Probe May Move to Front Burner Again Video

With the approval Senator Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General being slow-walked through Congress, we can now talk about one of the most interesting aspects of his confirmation – the return of the investigations of the Clintons.

According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, new evidence uncovered by the FBI may bring back the investigation of espionage by Hillary Clinton for letting her emails fall into enemy hands, AND – guess what – the ongoing investigation of Bill Clinton was never closed.

Clinton Probe May Move to Front Burner Again


  1. Expose and prosecute Slick Willy & Reptillary on their full range of piracy, treason, sex slave trafficking,

    money laundering and racketeering.... then the same for the Kennebunkport Cosa Nostra....

  2. Nothing will happen , she knows where all the bodies are burried as they say . Keep dreaming , you will never see a CIA a politician or army general see justice for the worst crimes ever , simply because they have exempted themselves from the laws they wrote in the fake international court . Hillary wrote some of those laws .. They tell you the story you want to hear but carry on as usual , thhey never solve real crimes they are involved in . My guess is they are still trying to turn Russia against China like they did before , they have double crossed every ally they ever had same as the skunk redcoats .

  3. Trump knows about the fake terror and you dont see him jumping on he real list offered Ban Unnecessary as Syrian “Back Channel Offer” Would Give Trump Massive Terror Database No wonde they want to shut him up ..


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