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The Latest On The Downed Russian Sochi TU-154 Airliner

Source: Giza Death Star

January 3, 2016

Remember the Russian airliner that went down with the musicians of the Russian Army chorus on board, shortly after taking off from the Black Sea port and resort city of Sochi? Well, this story I simply have to blog about this week, because our source article comes from no less than Israeli News Live, and it may have some bearing on another "pet story" and speculation of mine, the still-mysterious-and-unresolved case of Malaysia Air Flight 370. Here's the story:

Did a Radio Electronic Attack down Russia TU-154 December 25, 2016? 

December 28, 2016 by Steven DeNoon 9 Comments

The evidence is starting to come in and though the Kremlin has not made an official announcement as to the cause of the crash of Russia's military passenger plane the TU-154 off the coast of Sochi – it is starting to look more and more like an act of War according to some experts. We recently listened to a Russian talk show where the guest was a Russian Reserve Colonel, he was the first to suggest that the plane was downed intentionally. The Colonel pointed out that the Pilot had time to contact the flight tower to report problems but failed to do so, he noted that the plane has 3 engines and could still fly with only two, many other points he made that got my curiosity up.

Israeli News Live

There's so much food for thought and speculation here, that one scarcely knows where to begin. But note the opening paragraphs of this article:
The evidence is starting to come in and though the Kremlin has not made an official announcement as to the cause of the crash of Russia's military passenger plane the TU-154 off the coast of Sochi – it is starting to look more and more like an act of War according to some experts. We recently listened to a Russian talk show where the guest was a Russian Reserve Colonel, he was the first to suggest that the plane was downed intentionally. The Colonel pointed out that the Pilot had time to contact the flight tower to report problems but failed to do so, he noted that the plane has 3 engines and could still fly with only two, many other points he made that got my curiosity up.

Today Pravda reported according to different experts that the fateful flight may have been downed by a "Radio Electronic Attack". The article addressed all the evidence that had come to light as of the publication of this article. Life News reported that the flight data recorder had the cockpit crews final words on it: "the flaps, damn it!" followed by "Commander, we're going down!" according to Life News, citing its source. These words add to the fact that a witness standing on the shore stated that she could hear the engines of the jet then suddenly that stopped followed by a huge splash sound, no doubt the fuselage hitting the Black Sea, the witness testimony was noted in the online French news source; La Cause Du Peuple. This French source also noted:

We saw in our article It's the CIA that caused the catastrophic fall of the Russian plane in the Black Sea, that this fall is due to a radio-electronic attack commissioned by the CIA. According to the Russian expert Alexander Artamonov, the executants could be French ships that were present in the Black Sea. (Emphases in the original)
Notice what we have:

1) The source of the view that the flight may have been intentionally downed by some sort of "Radio Electronic Attack" comes from Komsomolskaya Pravda, which remains the official organ of the Communist Party of Russia. Take this for what it is worth, for Pravda is not known for its close adherence to the truth in many cases, and in some cases may be viewed as a kind of tabloid. On the other hand, however, it has also from time to time run very important stories, and its connection with the upper echelons of intelligence in Russia is also a matter of record.

2) The view that the downing of the airliner was an intentional attack comes from a Russian talk show where apparently a Russian reserve colonel was interviewed. We're told nothing specific here, neither the name of the talk show, the colonel, nor his service branch.

3) French sources apparently confirm that is was a deliberate attack, using some sort of radio-electronic means, and allegedly conducted by French ships.

So let's pause and take stock here. If all these things are true, then one could be looking at a "demonstration of capability" attack, similar to the Russian jamming attack on the USS Donald Cook a few years ago, during which an aging Russian Sukhoi 24 fighter bomber approached the US navy frigate, and apparently jammed all of its electronics, and knocking out its computer system. The Sukhoi then made no less than a dozen mock attack runs on the disabled vessel. Additionally, during the Russian intervention in Syria, it was reported that all NATO equipment in the country experienced a similar electronic jamming attack. If all this is true, then we may be looking at yet another manifestation of what I've been calling the new international covert "Mafia War".

There's something else to ponder here:
Pravda used several experts that noted the fact all engines stopped simultaneously, the flaps were locked and what the public was told the plane turned 180 degrees was not true. Other experts interviewed by Pravda cited the crew did not contact the air-traffic controllers, nor did anyone try to use a cell phone but had time to put on life jackets. All the evidence seem to point to a Radio Electronic Attack.
In other words, Pravda is stating that the attack came in the form of a remote shutdown of the aircraft's engines and a locking of its flaps. This caught my attention for a very obvious reason, for during the initial spate of speculations of what had caused the downing of Malaysia Air Flight 370 a little over two years ago, there were the usual hypotheses that on board equipment of the aircraft contained a "back door" that allowed someone to take control of the aircraft through that back door, and effectively hijack, and subsequently crash it. These types of speculations began after 9/11, as numerous researchers published articles and books about the hypothesis, going so far as to document and cite various patents for precisely such equipment and possibilities. Even the German national airline, Lufthansa, was reported to have made modifications to its fleet of aircraft to remove these back doors. In any case, these types of technologies make almost anything possible, and I for one have no doubt they exist, because they've existed since World War Two. Both the Allies and the Germans developed large aircraft that were packed, tail to cockpit, with high explosives, which were then piloted remotely. In effect, these aircraft were flying bombs of enormous power. In the Allies' instance, they were conceived as "bunker busting" controlled bombs to fly into the large German fortified gun emplacements on the French Coast. Indeed, the eldest Kennedy son, Joseph Kennedy Jr., died on a mission flying one such "flying bomb."

In any case, the existence of such capabilities might be seen (and in fact was seen by some commentators on the Malaysia Air 370 mystery) as a possible explanation for the flight's erratic flight path, first apparently zigzagging back across the Malaysian peninsula, then apparently flying south to crash somewhere in the Indian Ocean west of Australia. So, at least, would the official narrative have it. Now, of course, I put forward the idea, within about a week after the disappearance of MH 370, that the flight had simply gone "poof", and that it was the victim of some sort of very exotic energy weaponry attack, of a wholly different nature than simply a remote commandeering of the airliner via "backdoors" in its computer flight system and so on. Today my commitment to that wild and woolly hypothesis is less strong than it was then, but I don't completely discount it.

And that brings us to the crash of the Russian airliner. Backdoors are one thing in Boeing aircraft, but quite another in a Tupelov 154, which is built entirely in Russia, and therefore highly unlikely to have these secret "backdoors" in its on board computer equipment. Of course, the Russians could put in their own backdoors and access them, in which case this would be a typical "false flag" incident. Possible? Well, if it's possible for western manufacturers, then it's possible for the Russians. The question is, would the Russians kill so many of their own just to create a false flag? I suspect probably not. And there's something else arguing against this scenario. In the case of most false flag incidents of that sort, the spin takes over immediately, and begins to push for a "response". There has been no such response coming from Russia thus far, arguing against the backdoor-false flag scenario.

This implies, in turn, that the aircraft's electronics systems - if the Pravda article be true - were accessed entirely remotely by exotic radio EM broadcast equipment. This in turn also implies something else, namely, the ability to remotely scan a complex electrical system, and to access it precisely through purely remote means, and commandeer the equipment. While that may sound far-fetched, I would have the reader recall Robert Hasting's essential study, UFOs and Nukes, in which he recounts the episode of a UFO hovering near an American ICBM base, shutting down an entire flight of ICBMs, and reprogramming their targeting information, entirely remotely. As I noted in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, the USAF, according to Hastings, brought in the Boeing company, which was able to replicate these effects. In any case, what this implies is, again, the ability to "scan" a complex electrical system remotely, and then to access it remotely; no "backdoors" needed.

Now if all this very high octane speculation be true, then it casts not only a new possibility on the MH 370 mystery, but also perhaps places it in the context of the "new international Mafia war" that I believe we're beginning to see signs of emerging. And if all this be the case, then we're also watching the display of exotic technologies, both by Russia and the West, in a new kind of sabre rattling, or perhaps better put, "radio rattling." And all that raises the question, just how useful are ICBMs anyway?

See you on the flip side...


  1. OF COURSE its an act of WAR..3 Russian planes down in what 2-3 months? Who did it? clintons, obomb a or Israel

  2. Nuclear weapons do NOT work….. never have. Ever since the fire bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was made into an atom bomb propaganda story the World (average person) has been fooled and cowered by the threat of nuclear weapons.
    If nuclear weapons worked (especially small tactical ones) why have they NEVER been used? Why has every other obscene weapon been used but NOT nuclear ones? Why has Israel never used nuclear weapons against it’s non-nuclear Middle East neighbours? Simple…. they don’t work.

    1. Of course the theory behind non use of 'Nukes' was based upon the escalations from any offensive deployment to go MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction. Wouldn't it have been nice if the weirdo's who make all this stuff up could have found a way to reduce such items to something they could throw at each other in their padded cells, while the rest of us get on with some serious relaxing. I remember watching a documentary which dealt with these 'weapons' and the people who develop them. One chap in particular came across as your average family guy who wouldn't hurt a fly. He was interviewed throughout from an angle that was almost 'profile'.....bear with me. In the last minute or so of the doc the same 'physicist' was asked whether he thought these toys would ever actually be used. He turned full face to the camera and said " I just want the people out there to know, when I see one of those things go off,I COME". I kid you not. Most worrying is the fact that none of the other three people in the room watching with me colud remember that moment when I referred them to it the next day.
      In other words, I'm delusional. Right? In fact 'they' do hit pieces like that more often than most will remember the next second, let alone the next day. They love it when someone identifies themselves as awake by pointing out that the King has no clothes...or nukes. Then the real fun begins. Still, there are a lot pointy fingers in all directions these days, and the players very busy preparing for an 'alien invasion' (yawn) Most people however are so bored with their existence that they'll buy front row tickets to see "the bodies knee deep on the pavement while the sky turns purple" You'll forgive me, but now I have to prove to the robot that I'm not of it's Earth.

  3. ps. ALL films of nuclear explosions are easily proven to be fakes.


  4. Trump should do something outstanding to define the dirrerence betwwen what is national security and what is not . Like Manning or example , cold blooded murder of innocent people who were gunned down while laughing , they were promoted and Maning jailed , its appalling and did a lot of damage to USA's reputation . That was not war and having those type of killers in the army is as bad as any dictator in history .. Talk is cheap but actions speak louder .. What kind of message does that send to the world ??? His exosing that is not anywhere as bad as supporting ISIL , arming them as well as drug dealers in mexico =operation gun runner .. That is the problem intel opeators out of control much like JFK stated in his great speech .. That shows how hypocritical both parties are . The green fraud brought down the Democrat liars and the media as well .. the irony .

  5. Britain has a weapon that can do that , they tested it on a building yrs ago shut everything down . They are good at eltronics .Air Force confirms work on terrifying new weapon | Daily Mail Online
    May 26, 2015 - Boeing's CHAMP takes out enemy electronics with pulse ... arms race, with countries scrambling to build their own electromagnetic pulse weapon. Royal Navy aims to put laser 'death ray' on ships by 2020 | UK news ...
    https://www.theguardian.com › World › UK News › Royal Navy
    Sep 15, 2015 - The US navy has been experimenting with a laser to take out drones ... The UK, hoping to build on the American experience, is looking to build ... One of those advances, he said, was novel, high-energy weapons. .. Nothing moces inthe world without Britain saying so , their banksters are running everything .

  6. Obombie threaten revenge for Putin election 'hacking'....Bibi threatened revenge for UN settlement sanctions.

    A dozen of the Alexandrov Choir were chemical weapons experts, checking source of ISIS Sarin gas.....

  7. Hi Joe, how's life at The Daily Plantit? Your brother Jimmy once showed me a picture of Superman changing back into Mario Lanza. Truth is stranger than fiction isn't it.

  8. 50-50 MH370 was triggered by one of my damn emails


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