Sunday, January 22, 2017

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Inauguration Speech - 45th President Of The United States

What was the message being sent by the U.S. military by walking up behind President Donald Trump during his presidential inaugural address? Was it a message by the U.S. military that they will "cover the back" of President Donald Trump? The U.S. military members who are being given directions by a U.S. Marine Corps officer, are seen walking up behind President Trump in loose formation, and then quickly dispersing. The movement of the U.S. military members can be viewed between the 2:14 and 3:05 point in the clip below. Just as President Trump announces the "orderly and peaceful transition of power" in his speech, the U.S. military officers appear behind President Trump.


  1. Well it should be easy for him to stop the radical Islam given all the false flags and radicals were created by the USA , UK , AND Nato , a detail i notice he left out . The space game is in the IRON mountain report as a way to waste money as plan B . JFK was the only one who was really honest and made the best speech in history . Its not bad but Patriotism is usually followed by Uncle same needs you , or more correctly the banksters need more bodies . Some parts of his speech were good but unless you can fix the danger within it means nothing . The NGO RACKET was created by the USA Gov to infiltrate other countries and undermine them like Soros does . But Soros has used this against USA by creating so many of them that are funded by the GOV much like Rockefeller/Ford foundations did . The Medical mafia is a great danger to everyone . Now USA has created the fiction danger of terror it will now hire out protection with its armed forces , its a great racket when you think about it , much like the mafia ..

  2. WELL I THIS DOESNT PROVE THAT THE uk ARE THE BIGGEST LIARS EVER WHAT DOES ?? UK govt spokesman lauds Saudi role in combating terror. THEY ARE JOKING RIGHT ??? eVERYONE KNOW bRITAIN IS ARMING isil VIA THE SAUDIS SAME AS USA IS .. NUCLEAR ERROR Trident fiasco as Brit sub ‘fired dummy missile at the United States’ in first nuke test for four years

    Unarmed Trident II D5 rocket, which can kill millions when fitted with warhead, experienced a serious malfunction during the practice launch off Florida
    A mistake ??? Suuuure dudes . The unarmed Trident II D5 missile, which can kill millions when fitted with a nuclear warhead, experienced a serious malfunction during the practice launch off Florida last June.

  3. This speec was shorty after Theresa May says she would kill '100,000 men, women and children' with a nuclear bomb

    Previous prime ministers have avoided answering the hypothetical question of whether they would Monday 18 July 2016

  4. So who's stooge is Israel ?? Britain had secretly supplied Israel with 20 tons of heavy water, needed for the reactor. They loaded the shipments onto Israeli ships at a British port in 1959 and 1960, for delivery straight to Israel. Civil servants had approved the deal and deliberately concealed it from the Americans. In case the transfer ever became public, officially it was a deal between a Norwegian company, Noratom, and Israel. Noratom took a 2-percent commission on the transaction.
    read more:

  5. Trump should make sure these evil pedophiles get what they deserve The FBI ran a child porn site to catch predators, and now the accused are crying foul.

  6. CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE , FINALLY SOMEONE WITH A BRAIN IN POWER .A Republican-proposed House Resolution has quietly slipped past the public radar – proposing that the United States withdraw its membership from the United Nations, just as another bill was being concocted to cut US funding to the body.

    The bill, proposed by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), entitled American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017, seeks a complete US withdrawal from the UN, that the international body remove its headquarters from New York and that all participation be ceased with the World Health Organization as well. WHO is a joke . GO TRUMP.

  7. it started RAINING


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