Monday, January 23, 2017

Bring a Mandate For DHS to "Drain the Swamp" - Whitleblower Commission Demanded - Homeland Security Hourly Cost Since 9/11: $6.74 Million - The Toxcity In the "Swamp" Is So Bad HAZMAT Suits Required - Government Employees Eat $44 Breakfasts and $7 Monte Cristo Sandwiches - End of Entitlements Approaches And It Won't Be Pleasant - Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees - Feeding At the Trough Is Coming to An End - Forensics and Analysis Needed at Bottom of the Swamp - America Is Not Prepared for Radical Islamic Immigration - America Is Being Softened Up for the Islamic Kill

Source: BPR

DHS whistleblower ready to tell all to Trump: 'I know where the valves are' to drain the swamp, we'll need 'hazmat suits'

January 22, 2017

By Ginni Thomas, DCNF dcnf-2-1

A road-worn, devoted Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower and author is uniquely positioned to help President Donald Trump do the forensics on what is on the bottom of the swamp.

Since Phil Haney's book, "See Something Say Nothing," came out, he saw, felt and witnessed the rising up of Americans who coalesced at the ballot box to turn this country away from willful blindness, excessively loose immigration policies and failed counter-terrorism policies in the name of civil rights. Haney says, "people knew intuitively that something wasn't right" in our government’s policies to keep Americans safe.

"I know where the valves are and people like me do," the soft-spoken Haney — who traveled to 90 cities starting in Indianapolis, Ind. in April to Omaha, Neb. on Nov. 7, speaking to millions of worried Americans — says in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

You will have to hold your nose, he says, because once you take the water out, then the real forensic work begins. We’re "going to have to put our hazmat suits."

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Counter: Homeland Security Since 9/11

The following is an example of government employees feeding at the trough while radical Islam is under stealth is migrating into the United States.

"Americans eat generic cereal while you eat a $44 breakfast that 
they paid for" Trey Gowdy's Furious 

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