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Bring a Mandate For DHS to "Drain the Swamp" - Whitleblower Commission Demanded - Homeland Security Hourly Cost Since 9/11: $6.74 Million - The Toxcity In the "Swamp" Is So Bad HAZMAT Suits Required - Government Employees Eat $44 Breakfasts and $7 Monte Cristo Sandwiches - End of Entitlements Approaches And It Won't Be Pleasant - Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees - Feeding At the Trough Is Coming to An End - Forensics and Analysis Needed at Bottom of the Swamp - America Is Not Prepared for Radical Islamic Immigration - America Is Being Softened Up for the Islamic Kill

Source: BPR

DHS whistleblower ready to tell all to Trump: 'I know where the valves are' to drain the swamp, we'll need 'hazmat suits'

January 22, 2017

By Ginni Thomas, DCNF dcnf-2-1

A road-worn, devoted Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower and author is uniquely positioned to help President Donald Trump do the forensics on what is on the bottom of the swamp.

Since Phil Haney's book, "See Something Say Nothing," came out, he saw, felt and witnessed the rising up of Americans who coalesced at the ballot box to turn this country away from willful blindness, excessively loose immigration policies and failed counter-terrorism policies in the name of civil rights. Haney says, "people knew intuitively that something wasn't right" in our government’s policies to keep Americans safe.

"I know where the valves are and people like me do," the soft-spoken Haney — who traveled to 90 cities starting in Indianapolis, Ind. in April to Omaha, Neb. on Nov. 7, speaking to millions of worried Americans — says in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

You will have to hold your nose, he says, because once you take the water out, then the real forensic work begins. We’re "going to have to put our hazmat suits."

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Counter: Homeland Security Since 9/11

The following is an example of government employees feeding at the trough while radical Islam is under stealth is migrating into the United States.

"Americans eat generic cereal while you eat a $44 breakfast that 
they paid for" Trey Gowdy's Furious 

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  1. "The B-61, the More Usable Nuke" at Veterans Today has 65 article footnote on Nuclear Education, history and Recent use of mini-nukes, including WTC. Based in this material and extensive review of the Thermite Hypothesis by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, along with Dr Judy Woods, Directed Energy Weapons Hypothesis, I did this interview with Dr James Fetzer on YouTube....

    "Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes".... WTC-1,2,6 & 7 were vaporized by state actor placed mini-nukes....

    Donald Trump interview at 9/11 Confirms " Bombs destroyed very strong buildings"....drain the 9/11 swamp....

  2. China has leaked pictures of nuclear capable ICBMs being deployed to their border with Russia. - See more at:

  3. CROOKED POPE . The money laundering activities between Hillary Clinton, the Vatican and Pope Francis—which was accomplished through a London shell corporation named Westland Securities Ltd that then, in turn, funneled the captured data information to the International Company Service Malta, after which everything was sent to a Delaware ..

  4. But can they drain the Rothschild money laundering swamp ?? I doubt it , it goes like this they steal the loot with their fake foundations supported by taxpayer funds then launder it through the Vatican and Rothschild , there was a hack in Italy that exposed it all , the FBI is covering it all up , this is where one of the Clinton hacks came from , they were arrested . Bradley Foundation which apparently serves as a money laundering front between the Rothschild Asset management, Inc.and the Hillary Clinton campaign through the Clinton Foundation. Francesca Maria Occhionero and her Freemason spy brother Giulio Occhionero

  5. These guys were hacking them all since 2010 , they got it all from all the crooks .. What did the Fbi do ?? sent the servers to Italy . Dtate secrets really mean crimes committed by Government and banksters including the Vatican . Italy arrests two for hacking into emails of ECB's Draghi, former Italy PM Renzi

  6. Well isn't this interesting ? BUSTED AND ARRESTED , READ THE PMG POST (they are hired from Papua New Guinea ) Trump should get to the bottom of this , who hired them ??

  7. Many members of Skull & Bones (322) Club at Yale University established a pattern and practice of deception to further their interests. Call them Wars 'R Us. Many unsolved murders need closure. Do courts have enough rope to go around for all who just followed orders?

  8. In 2009, the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, married an Iranian physician named Dr. Brian Vale Nahed. Did you hear about this from CNN? Guess who was the best man at the wedding? Why it was none other than Mohammad Javad Zarif. So who is Mr. Zarif? Zarif is the current minister of foreign affairs for Iran. Zarif was Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations just concluded earlier this year in the United States signed the worst treaty in its history. This is a treaty that gave away $150 billion to Iran and guaranteed they will soon possess a nuclear weapon. In effect, Kerry was dealing with his daughter’s father-in-law in the negotiations with Iran. The above picture is an actual photograph that has surfaced in relation to this event.

  9. The swamp are the Freemasons and Trump is a Freemason as are all the army leaders and the founding fathers who were really working for Britan where Freemasons started . This was who JFK was talking about .


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