Sunday, December 25, 2016

Who Brought This Aircraft Down? - Criminal Investigation Launched

Russian Tu-154 plane crash: First VIDEO from rescue operation in Black Sea 

Russian military plane crashes in Black Sea 

Further reading (find a translator):

Приоритетной версией падения Ту-154 назвали его техническую неисправность


  1. RT is clearly a British operation notice how they speak exactly like BBC .. Not a Russian to be seen . The report stated weather was good yet here someone is in the pouring rain waiting for the action as usual , if you dont find that very suspect i sure do . I dont think many of these jets are crashing at all , but the main powers cooking up a fake war for a giant kill off sure are . They are all in the same gang taking turns on the giant con .

  2. "Obombie Signs Disinformation & Propaganda Act" at ZeroHedge.... Merry Christmas from the Dear Leader !

    Of the estimated 20,000 Russian made Stinger missiles in Libya at the time of the CIA Operation Zero Footprint, only 2,000 were recovered, the rest distributed to jihadists world wide. Though recently turned to the dark side, this article at Veterans Today is good reporting on the Obombie & Reptillary genocide...

    "Satan Came, Satan Saw, Civilization Falls into Ruin".... end feudalism....

    1. Respectfully; Satan was a fraud who could only win by cheating....... some very smart people chose to destroy her with the weapon of truth, and an army of character and honour; with loyalty to God.

      Satan and her minions have been exterminated like vermin for the past month by the army of God. The IC300 is the primary target, and the options on the warrant are "War-Crimes or the OUT OF TIME" - once the IC300 have fallen the upper minions will grasp the ring or die trying. Their opponents suddenly; the Army of GOD and the WDS. :)

      These past 8 weeks, Bad guys go BOOM!... and the 'Former-Media' reports another 5.5 earth quake somewhere. Naval bases and special private 5 Star Paradises are filled with rotting corpses of pedophiles and Illuminati soldiers.

      .. If you have noticed; "winter is wild and wintery when nobody is running the machine anymore!" :)

      The gumballmodel will find each and every pedophile on earth in the next three years. Meanwhile American Jobs will be plentiful.... especially in the rope manufacturing business!

  3. You have to ask , how is it a TV network really run by the UK , AT THE EXACT SPOT AT THE EXACT TIME IN THE RAIN WAITING FOR A PIC ??? I MEAN TO SAY ?????


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