Monday, December 5, 2016

Website Labeled 'Fake News' Demands Retraction From Washington Post, Threatens Lawsuit

Source: Sputnik
December 6, 2016

One of the over-200 websites labeled as "fake news" and "Russian propaganda" by so-called experts cited by the Washington Post is demanding a retraction and threatening a defamation lawsuit.

In an ironically fake news article about "fake news," the Washington Post cited a website called PropOrNot, which lists over 200 websites that they accuse of peddling what they term Russian propaganda and other false narratives. The list includes popular news websites on all sides of the political spectrum, such as The Drudge Report, Zero Hedge, TruthOut, Sputnik News, and WikiLeaks.

One of the websites listed was Naked Capitalism, named one of the 25 Best Financial Blogs in 2011 by Time, and listed by Wired as a crucial site to follow for finance.

Naked Capitalism is a left-wing website that tends to be highly critical of Wall Street.

Now, the founder of the site, Yves Smith, is striking back and has published a letter to the Washington Post from their lawyer. On Naked Capitalism, Smith asserts that their attorney, Jim Moody, 2is a seasoned litigator who has won cases before the Supreme Court. He has considerable experience in First Amendment and defamation actions. Past high profile representations include Westomoreland v. CBS and defending Linda Tripp."
"Strong claims demand strong proofs, yet the [Washington] Post appeared content to give a megaphone to people who make stuff up with abandon," Smith wrote of the Post’s article. "No wonder the members of PropOrNot hide as much as they can about what they are up to; more transparency would expose their work to be a tissue of lies."
The letter to the Post, written by Moody, was addressed to publisher Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., executive editor Martin Baron, and Craig Timberg, who authored the piece. The letter demands that the article be immediately removed from the Washington Post website and all web-accessible archives, that the newspaper make a "prominent public apology," and provide for Naked Capitalism to make an equally prominent response in their paper.

Please go to Sputnik to read the entire article.

Does anyone need a reminder how the "news" media including CNN fake and fabricate news? 

Amber Lyon reveals CNN lies and war propaganda

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