Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stephen Shellen: Actor to Activist - PizzaGate: Feeling Discouraged? Don't Worry.

PizzaGate feeling discouraged, don't worry - Stephen Shellen 

Stephen Shellen - Actor to Activist (53m) 

Stephen Shellen TI on CharacterDriven (58m) 

Stephen Shellen - Faith Is Freedom (1h2m) 

More information:

Frank Giustra in Lesvos Greece "Helping" Refugees [after NATO-coordinated attacks on Syria render them homeless]

Lesvos Boat Arrival and Discussion with ERCI - January 25, 2016

Dalai Lama Humanitarian Award 2014: Frank Giustra 

The Impact of President Clinton on Billionaire Frank Giustra

Giustra/Clinton Uranium Scandal [from "Clinton Cash"] 

The Clinton Crime Family - Charity Fraud @ Clinton Foundation

Frank Giustra, the Clintons' Poison Dwarf - Giustra and Clinton Rape and Pillage Colombia - Pacific Rubiales & Clinton Foundation: A Marriage Made in Hell - "Global Philanthropic Empire" Exploiting Poverty and Extracting Profits - Concentration Camps for Colombian Workers - Land Deals With (Other) Known Drug Traffickers - Giustra's Maze of Shell Companies, Obscure and Suspicious Transactions - Are You Doing It "for the Children", Frankie and Willie? - Investigate the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership - Sleazy Clinton Foundation's Staggering $2 Billion Haul: That's Some "Nonprofit"! - Hillary's Inept Presidential Runs: "Everyone Deserves a Chance to Fail" 

WIKI BOMBSHELL: Convicted Child Abductor Was Caught Stealing Children in Haiti with the Clintons 

BREAKING BOMBSHELL! FBI NYPD INSIDERS LEAK: Insiders Threaten to Expose Hillary's Pedophile Sex Ring!!! 

*EXPLOSIVE* Q & A on the Clinton Foundation - FBI Insider on 4chan /pol/ : "Ask Me Anything About the Clinton Case" - George Soros Is the Kingpin - Follow the Rothschild Thread - Clinton Foundation Uses People as Currency - Jeffrey Epstein's Child Sex Trafficking Network - Bill & Hillary Clinton Get Paid in Money & Children - Hammer HRC's E-mails, Dig Into the CF: Post Everywhere You Can 


  1. Anyone have any questions about the validity of what I have said or any potential lawsuits about me lying, my email is
    No one should have ever messed with my children. I believe in truth conquering evil. Once you understand this evil it loses it's power

    1. We live in a false paradigm reality, bounded by faux science, fake history, filtered news, financed by a Fiat currency and directed by Demonic Warlords. But, you can only be lied to by thosevyou trust.

      "JFK to 9/11, Everything is a Rich Man's Trick" on YouTube....

      Find and share is your duty as an Earthling....

    2. Stephen Shellen, where are your children and what happened to them? I did look on youtube for more details about your situtation. A comment regarding pizzagate: I'm somewhat shocked that certain alternative news sites are actually downplaying or denying the pizzagate reality. Whatreallyhappened with Mike Rivero, and Miles Mathis are stating that pizzagate is fake. I'm reevaluating what sites I support given their positions on pizzagate. I have read the Wikileaks can anyone deny what's happening. Here are the sites or persons, along with Abel Danger who are revealing the pizzagate information: David Seaman and Jeff Rense.

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    4. My children are now adults and my life with them was ripped apart. I had retained a lawyer, Judith Burchall(married to an MP in Canada named David Tilson) to file papers so my children could not be taken out of the country(I was thrown into a film in France and was away working when all this began). She filed in the wrong county. My children taken and my harassment was insane at the time, it left me completely bewildered and freaked out to say the least. Until one experiences Cointelpro targeting they don't have any idea what I am talking about. It is 24/7 surveillance with break-ins, gas lighting, safety box break-ins, death threats, etc etc. You can't hide. Eventually all resources of mine were taken. Lost family , friends and all business connections.All my screenplays and story treatments plus paperwork regarding the production company I was starting, LionsGate, were stolen. This includes storage places, safety boxes, homes or locked suitcases. To this day I am at a loss to explain how this was done to me. I was simply a father concerned for my children. 21 years later and still it continues although to a much less degree. I believe Elizabeth Luestig was murdered over this as were others. All courts and governments were not just unhelpful but gave me misinformation or told me to forget about it. Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed such a nightmare could happen to anyone. It was a war on my mind and only in the last couple of years are people waking up to this type of targeting. It does happen to people. It happened to me

  2. Aways thought Lionsgate knew exactly what was going on , it shows in the movies selected to screen , Good movies too .

  3. You would think someone somewhere would have sme inside video by now . I think EYES WIRED SHUT WITH KIDMAN was as close to reality as you get , her father was accused of killing children and he faked hist death in Singapore , she is in USA after being chased out of Australia . She is mixed up in it for sure so were 2 Australian leaders according to the testimony f the woman who escaped she also stated the army was involved . Could be a god script for a movie to wake people up .

    1. New Zealand government is loaded with pedophiles. Greg Hallett has some very interesting information on his site about the leaders of this country.

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