Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stephen Shellen: Actor to Activist - PizzaGate: Feeling Discouraged? Don't Worry.

PizzaGate feeling discouraged, don't worry - Stephen Shellen 

Stephen Shellen - Actor to Activist (53m) 

Stephen Shellen TI on CharacterDriven (58m) 

Stephen Shellen - Faith Is Freedom (1h2m) 

More information:

Frank Giustra in Lesvos Greece "Helping" Refugees [after NATO-coordinated attacks on Syria render them homeless]

Lesvos Boat Arrival and Discussion with ERCI - January 25, 2016

Dalai Lama Humanitarian Award 2014: Frank Giustra 

The Impact of President Clinton on Billionaire Frank Giustra

Giustra/Clinton Uranium Scandal [from "Clinton Cash"] 

The Clinton Crime Family - Charity Fraud @ Clinton Foundation

Frank Giustra, the Clintons' Poison Dwarf - Giustra and Clinton Rape and Pillage Colombia - Pacific Rubiales & Clinton Foundation: A Marriage Made in Hell - "Global Philanthropic Empire" Exploiting Poverty and Extracting Profits - Concentration Camps for Colombian Workers - Land Deals With (Other) Known Drug Traffickers - Giustra's Maze of Shell Companies, Obscure and Suspicious Transactions - Are You Doing It "for the Children", Frankie and Willie? - Investigate the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership - Sleazy Clinton Foundation's Staggering $2 Billion Haul: That's Some "Nonprofit"! - Hillary's Inept Presidential Runs: "Everyone Deserves a Chance to Fail" 

WIKI BOMBSHELL: Convicted Child Abductor Was Caught Stealing Children in Haiti with the Clintons 

BREAKING BOMBSHELL! FBI NYPD INSIDERS LEAK: Insiders Threaten to Expose Hillary's Pedophile Sex Ring!!! 

*EXPLOSIVE* Q & A on the Clinton Foundation - FBI Insider on 4chan /pol/ : "Ask Me Anything About the Clinton Case" - George Soros Is the Kingpin - Follow the Rothschild Thread - Clinton Foundation Uses People as Currency - Jeffrey Epstein's Child Sex Trafficking Network - Bill & Hillary Clinton Get Paid in Money & Children - Hammer HRC's E-mails, Dig Into the CF: Post Everywhere You Can 

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