Saturday, December 24, 2016

Obama's Genealogy and so much more

by Miles Mathis

First published October 19, 2016

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on personal research.

Some have accused me of avoiding current topics for older ones, and therefore somehow misdirecting. I guess they missed my papers on Donald Trump, Thomas Pynchon, SpaceX, gravity waves, Leo DiCaprio, Val Kilmer, the Orlando shooting, Harry Potter, David Bowie, Prince, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Tiger Woods, John Nash, Monica Lewinsky, O. J. Simpson, Noam Chomsky, Steve Jobs, the Unabomber, Fidel Castro, David Irving, 911, Sandy Hook, Naomi Klein, Christina Hoff Sommers, Elon Musk, Duncan and Blake, Stephen Hawking, Taylor Swift, Sam Harris, Graham Hancock, Tom Wolfe, the Santa Barbara shooting, the Charleston shooting, Wendell Berry, the Boston Marathon shooting, the 2012 election, Ron Paul, the Trayvon Martin shooting, Adam Gopnik, the Chapman Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, and my previous papers on Obama. But although their complaint has no content, and is actually misdirection itself, I do like to hit the old big events, for obvious reasons. These older events define the current dialog by creating an historical backdrop against which these newer events are seen.

Plus, the newer events have gotten so absurd they almost out themselves. I have trouble taking most of current culture seriously. I have a hard time believing anyone still buys the mainstream patter. But I can understand why people buy the mainline history: it has been pounded into us from the cradle. We have all defined ourselves—at least in part—in relation to these facts we think we know. Therefore, I see it as much more important to attack these foundations. Once they fall, all the newer events will automatically fail. A person who comes to understand what the Salem Witch Trials really were, or what the death of Abraham Lincoln really was, cannot be fooled by the talking heads in the media any longer.

Before we get to the main course here, I will answer four other complaints from the fake forums, some of which contradict one another. First, they say one person couldn't possibly do all the things I do. Second, they complain that my email responses are short or "brisk". Well, my email responses are brisk because I get hundreds of emails a day from strangers, some of them quite long, and I simply don't have time in a day to respond fully to everything in every one. To respond in equal length would require 24 hours a day in email. I can't believe no one has thought of that. Plus, since I am actually doing all the things I claim to do—alone and without assistance of any kind—that means I am quite busy every day. It would actually be much more suspicious if I were able to respond fully to hundred of emails a day, and do all these other things as well, wouldn't it? Third they complain I don't have any photos up. They must have missed this page on my site. That's where you are taken if you click on my photo on my front page. If they aren't satisfied with that, I encourage them to tell us what other researcher has more photos up than I do, from all ages. Fourth, they say I don't talk about 911. Which means they must have missed many pages on my site, not least of all my links page, which has dozens of links to 911 papers and exposes, including my own. Beyond that, I talk about 911 in many other papers on other topics. Most of those are from several years ago, yes, but they are still up on my site and I have not changed my mind about 911.

Please go to Miles Mathis' website to read the entire essay Obama's Genealogy and so much more, or you can read the entire essay in PDF form.

Meet the designer family complete with rento-kids:

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