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Wall Street and the Pentagon - The Podesta Group - The Only Products America Manufacturers Are Weapons and Munitions (and Pedophile Networks) - Yemen Is Being Pulverized by Saudi Arabia Deploying American and British-Manufactured Munitions - The "Clinton Tentacles" Reach Far and Deep - The Empire Files


Pre-mature Political and Military Ejaculations

James Petras • November 2, 2016 • 13 Comments

Introduction: Wall Street and the Pentagon greeted the onset of 2016 as a 'banner year', a glorious turning point in the quest for malleable regimes willing to sell-off the most lucrative economic resources, to sign off on onerous new debt to Wall Street and to grant use of their strategic military bases to the Pentagon.

Brazil and Argentina, the most powerful and richest countries in South America and the Philippines, Washington's most strategic military platform in Southeast Asia, were the objects of intense US political operations in the run-up to 2016.

In each instance, Wall Street and the Pentagon secured smashing successes leading to premature ejaculations over the 'new golden era' of financial pillage and unfettered military adventures. Unfortunately, the early ecstasy has turned to agony: Wall Street made easy entries and even faster departures once the 'honeymoon' gave way to reality.  The political procurers persecuted center-left incumbents but, were soon to have their turn facing prosecution. The political prostitutes, who had decreed the sale of sovereignty, were replaced by nationalists who would turn the bordello back into a sovereign nation state.

This essay outlines the rapid rise and dramatic demise of these erstwhile 'progeny' of Wall Street and the Pentagon in Argentina and Brazil, and then reviews Washington's shock and awe as the newly elected Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte embraced new ties with China while proclaiming, 'We are no one's 'tuta' (puppy dog)!'

Argentina and Brazil: Grandiose Schemes and Crapulous Outcomes

The international financial press was ecstatic over the election of President Mauricio Macri in Argentina and the appointment of former Wall Street bankers to his cabinet. They celebrated the ouster of the 'evil populists', accusing them of inflating economic results, reneging on debt obligations and discouraging foreign lenders and investors. Under the Macri regime all market obstacles were to be removed and all the bankers trembled with anticipation at the 'good times' to come.

After taking office in December 2015, President Macri unleashed the 'animal instincts' of the market and the carrion birds flocked in. US 'vulture funds' scooped up and demanded payment for on old Argentine debt 'valued' at $3.5 billion – constituting a 1,000% return on their initial investment. A devaluation of the peso of 50% tripled inflation and drove down wages by 20%.

Firing over 200,000 public sector employees, slapping 400% price increases on utilities and transport, driving small and medium size firms into bankruptcy and enraged consumers into the streets ended the honeymoon with the Argentine electorate quite abruptly. This initial massive dose of free enterprise 'medicine' was prescribed by the local and Wall Street bankers and investors who had promised a new golden era for capitalism!

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire article.

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta 

Further reading:

The Podesta Group

Podesta Group client list includes:
Lockheed Martin
British Patroleum (It is more profitable to have oil spills and disasters.)
General Dynamics
• Merck (U.S. Military Starts Producing Vaccines: New Billion Dollar Experimental Vaccine Market?)
• United Technologies
• Amgen
• Novartis
• Saudi Arabia
• Iraq

Hillary Clinton, Saudi Arabia and Weapons Manufactures

"Chairman Cash": John Podesta Paid $7,000/Month By Foundation Run by Banker With Ties To Financial Crisis

US sells Saudi Arabia £880m of tanks and weapons

Big Ammo: Clinton is raising money from gunpowder lobbyists and investors

U.S. Announces $60b Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia, Says 'Israel Doesn't Object' (2010) 

Senate votes to back $1 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia

Clinton State Dept. Approved Millions In Ammo And Firearm Sales, Campaign Has Strong Ties To Industry Lobby

The Podesta Group has a hefty contract with the Saudi regime, for which the firm provides "public relations" services on behalf of King Salman's royal court

And now for something special from our "friends and allies", the biggest weapons and munitions purchasers from the US in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. Maybe US weapons manufacturers could possibly come up with a better designed sword for slicing through bone and neck tissue of the people executed in Saudi Arabia (over 100 in 2015)? Then Podesta could lobby for General Dynamics to turn a huge profit at $1 million a sword sold to the House of Saud's state executioners.

Note: The following videos are EXTREMELY violent and are only being posted to demonstrate what has been described as the "Clinton killing machine" being the only outcome of continued weapons manufacturing which can only lead to more war, death and destruction. We are wondering, are pedophiles executed in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi beheading - Myanmar woman screams innocence before execution

Nigerians from Kwara State Executed

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