Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump's Main Foreign Policy Challenge Will Be to 'Keep Neocon Vipers at Bay'

Source: Sputnik

November 17, 2016

In an interview earlier this week, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that he would welcome President-elect Donald Trump as a 'natural ally' in the fight against terrorism. Asked to comment on Assad's remarks, founder Patrick Henningsen stressed that his hopes can be met, if Trump continues to maintain his independent streak.

In his interview for Portuguese television broadcaster RTP, Assad said that while "we cannot tell anything about what he [Trump] is going to do, but if, let's say if he is going to fight the terrorists, of course we are going to be an ally, a natural ally in that regard, [together] with the Russians, the Iranians, with many other countries who want to defeat the terrorists."

Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Henningsen explained that what Assad was talking about "is a potential realignment in foreign policy – a clean break from what has been the US policy for the last eight years, and even going back further than that, which is Washington's disregard for respecting the national sovereignty of countries – their aiming to overthrow governments through regime change and other deep state subterfuge activities led by the CIA and using partners like George Soros on the ground, and softening up countries to the point where destabilization could lead to regime change."

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