Monday, November 14, 2016

The Truther Girls on Trump's Victory, Soros Globalists Funding Chaos

Terrified Globalists Spread Chaos as Trump Overthrows Their Agenda

EXPOSED! George Soros Funding #notmypresident Protests 

TRUMP WINS! Congratulations, America, You Just Had a Revolution. Now What? 


  1. "Spies, Lords & Predators" by Stephen Rice on Australia 60 Minutes....

    The ruling Demonic Warlords exposed >

  2. The Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution!! The color purple worn by clintons on the concession speech! do you part to create awareness! This is not just a fashion statement but a visual communication to those who know.

  3. Putin has a BOUNTY on Soros, Dead or Alive. Wager that Soros has a bullet through his head within a month. At least we can all hope this Rothchild/Jesuit satanist Banker concubine is worth at least 1 million dollars bounty. How much for his masters? May as well keep the ball rolling.

    1. May I suggest that extra-judicial assassinations / murders are counter to the rule of law which is what we seek. An alternative could be banishment from the planet. Employ one /all of the secret space programs to ship ALL of the sh!itheads and their minions to some piece of rock and ice; uninhabited and unwanted by any other living thing... for life in a penal colony. Soros losers Lost in Space.

  4. Obama is bring in more thugs from Australia!

  5. Soros Serco =SS" Something going on with those from Australia Turnbull x ceo of GS, is not to be trusted niether is Gillard in NY with the Clinton foundation and the 300 million she swiped from taxpayers , SHE IS REALLY CROOKED. Goldman Sachs Turnbull and LOWRY 'Brookings /you couldn't make it up if you tried..

  6. That bounty has been out there for quite some time. It wont happen. I agree to banishment, but lets not forget the Pharisees. They are exactly who we are dealing with now.


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