Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The NeoCons Will Try To Infiltrate Trump's Govt

Trump Must Be Wary Of 'New Friends'

By Wayne Madsen
November 9, 2016

They are already crawling out from the political sewers and rathskellers of Washington. Neo-conservatives, who launched the "Anyone But Trump" campaign, are now trying to make nice with President-elect Donald Trump. These bottom feeders will attempt, in typical neocon fashion, to infect the Trump administration, much as they had done with President-elect Ronald Reagan in November 1980. This ilk crafted the Iran-contra scandal that almost resulted in Reagan's impeachment. The granddaddy of neocons, Henry Kissinger, worked secretly to undermine President Richard Nixon. Trump should be on guard against attempts by the chameleon-like neocons to ingratiate themselves to Trump.

Weekly Standard editor William Kristol is a case in point. Kristol was the brains behind the independent president candidacy of Mormon ex-CIA agent Evan McMullin, who went down to defeat in Utah. The Kristol-McMullin subterfuge failed miserably and Trump should never forget what he said about this political chicanery by the neocons. Trump told Fox News last month, "you have a guy named Bill Kristol who's called it wrong for two years. He's a loser. He's called me wrong. He's called everything wrong. He's called the wars wrong . . . Everything he does is wrong. He gets his puppet [McMullin] to go and run in Utah." Hopefully, Trump will remember what perfidy the neocons hatched to deny him the White House.

But it is not merely Kristol that Trump should guard against. By formally seizing control of the GOP from the Bush family, this Wall Street-connected crime family will be more dangerous to Trump than the vanquished Clinton crime family. Everything the Clintons learned about racketeering and brutal politics was learned from the Bushes at a little airfield in Arkansas called Mena.

The American people voted to repudiate the Bush family. And President-elect Trump is obviously aware, somewhat, of the ties between JFK assassin Lee Oswald and Texas Senator Ted Cruz's Cuban papa Rafael Cruz. Trump must also be aware that Rafael, the Texas and Louisiana oil man, was part of a CIA operation that included Zapata Oil's George H. W. Bush. In promising to "drain the swamp" in Washington, Trump is in a position to expose all the dirty dealings of the neocons, the Bush and Clinton crime families, the CIA, and others. That cannot be done if Trump invites these parasites into his administration to craft policies and call important shots on foreign policy, intelligence, and defense. The neocon political parasite is only capable of destroying its host, whether Reagan, Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, or, if he is not wary, Donald Trump.

Paul Craig Roberts - Donald Trump may be assassinated


  1. Reality is he isalready to aapoint Goldman Sachs to treasury as usual =Rothschild Zionist . backed by ISRAEL ZIONISTS again Rothschild who set them up there in the 1st place .Anyone who trusts Rothschild has lost their mind, trust Israel you mustbe kidding . TheUK is up to something viacuts nod, nod, wink, wink they are shutting down the cctv cameras in Westminster . No doubt a false flag to drag USA into war again . When he stops the chemtrails and vaccine depopulation agenda plus the green fraud i am a believer . He was great mates with Clintons . He should destroy the fed and print greenbacks , you simply cannot run a country run by your arch enemy of old .

  2. John Kennedy told the people he would need their help. Not what your country can do for you, what you can do for it. There are no magic bullets. No happy ever after just in believing someone else can do it for you. Now more than ever people need to wake up to who they are. Why do you think all the treaties and declarations and other places you see the people hold the sovereignty here? There are steps that can be taken. It is no more than lazy fooled taken advantage of abused lied to etc. sovereigns that surround this small group of villains. Like the giant that woke up and the small lines used by the midgets broke. Knowledge, know for yourself, read the history, the constitutions, treaties and declarations organic laws, turn every stone and the answer will appear, do not be an ignorant King or Queen on the land or Sea.

  3. NYPD arrested foreign demolition teams at the Holland Tunnel and Washington Bridge on 9/11, ordered to release to FBI, who then released them, as Rudy Guiliani knows. Christy, Gingrich, Huckabee, Bolton and all of the NEO-CON turncoats need to be exposed and marginalized.

  4. That demolition team along with the 5 dancing Israelis and the art students who lived in the world trade center, were all Israeli Mossad. They happened to live on the 91st floor of Trade Center 1. Notice the stacks of boxes of demolition fuses, marked BB 18. Also notice their strange drawings. Bolton is a dual citizen of Israel and America.


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