Saturday, November 5, 2016

Robert De Niro, Hollywood (CIA) Asset & 9/11 Propagandist, Has the Chutzpah to Castigate Donald Trump!

Robert De Niro exposed by Donald Trump 

(At least De Niro initially supported the 2016 documentary Vaxxed. Trump has also spoken out against the criminal vaccination agenda.)

Jon Voight blasts Robert De Niro for 'ugly rant' and defends Trump

Jon Voight Blasts Soros and De Niro, Both Clinton Supporters

(Beware of Jon Voight's half-truths and pseudohistorical narratives; he too is an actor, after all.)

Hollywood (CIA) @$$et Robert De Niro Narrates WTC Propaganda Films, Abets Criminal Coverup (view 0:00-0:24)

9/11: Ten Years Later (Robert De Niro Propaganda Performance) 

Shady 9/11 Criminal Accessories/Filmmakers/Actors Tell Their Story (March 8, 2002/Charlie Rose)

Susan Zirinsky - 9/11 - 2002 Peabody Award Acceptance Speech

CBC News, Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair, 9/11 Moments

9/11 (2002 documentary): Jules Naudet (executive producer/director), Gédéon Naudet (executive producer/director), James Hanlon (executive producer/director), Susan Zirinsky (executive producer), Graydon Carter (executive producer), David Friend (executive producer), Hal Gessner (supervising producer), Tom Forman (senior producer/writer), Richard Barber (producer), Michael Maloy (producer), Bruce Spiegel (producer), Mead Stone (producer), Paul Larossa (producer), Rob Klug (director), Greg Kandra (writer)

Susan Zirinsky - CBS News

9/11 FILM WAS STAGED (9/11 Foreknowledge website – Ray Ubinger, Les Raphael)

9/11: Israel's Grand Deception 

'9/11: Israel Did It' 

The Zionist Network behind 9-11 

Hollywood Agenda 

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