Wednesday, November 23, 2016

PizzaGate and BLACK KILLER CLINTON FOUNDATION U-2 End Hillary's Charade by Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

Source: Abel Danger (C2)

Date: Sat, Nov 26 2016 4:00 AM JST — Sat, Nov 26 2016 5:30 AM JST

Content:  Rothschilds blocked on Wednesday 16 November in Buckley AFB defense v. Mossad-Soros-Rothschild involving Iron 99 the Navy E6B aircraft loitering over Denver enroute from Travis AFB California to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. Score: Abel Danger 1; NWO 0


  1. Navy identifies mystery plane over Denver; Its mission still a secret. And there it is .

  2. While we're finally closing in on these satanic monsters, they have riggeded the water and subway systems for remote control delvery of bioweapons. People might want to save 'a few' lives and find and rip out the equipment since you can't argue with technology or who built it or who put it in.

    The satanic stuff explains who they are and will put them in prison but RIGHT NOW, their nasty plans for everyone need to be exposed and stopped. People might take money for corruption, or they might write a piece lying about Comet Pizza, shutting out of their minds babies cut up and eaten, but most would be freaked at what's planned for them, too, through subways and their water.

    Would you help get this out? The articles at the end are about satanism. And given the gruesomeness of what IS listed in Obamacare (that fits with gassing and poisoning), to think what they list as "unspecified" must be some order of magnitude beyond gruesome.

    Who Is Checking? Have The US Water and Subways Systems Been Rigged To Disperse Bioweapons?

  3. Apropros of remote control rigging of water systems and subways AND AIRPLANES, and of the medical coding in Obamacare for gassing and poisoning and beheading and much more, these psychpaths not only love their remote control evil, they love to keep detailed track of what they've done to people, from the 300 wagon loads of books the monks kept of the tortures they committed during the Inquisition, to the 40 years of tracking the pain and suffering and putridness and spread of syphilis and blindness and insanity and deformed babies they caused during the Tuskegee Experiment, and then again in Central America.


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