Monday, November 21, 2016

Knight Stalker Pursues Podesta Pizza Pedophiles In Portugal Or Near Potomac - From Hillary's Pedophile Pizza Path Prom Night Plunge Leads To Prison Door: Team Trump Mulls McConnell @ FAA

Source: Abel Danger (C2)

Date: Tue, Nov 22 2016 4:00 AM JST — Tue, Nov 22 2016 5:30 AM JST

Content: As Hillary's Celebration cut short Trump's SWAMP DRAIN TEAM made aware of the pursuit of Clinton Foundation murders in New Orleans and Haiti linked to a specific USAF spy plane, U-2 serial number 80-1076. Why did Lt Col Ira S. Eadie die in September? Trey Gowdy, Mike Pompeo and Field McConnell send a Thanksgiving wish to the Main Stream Media: Mike Pompeo And Trey Gowdy Blast Reporters



    Jim Stone, Nov 21 2016

    Go ahead and call the alt media "fake news". Go ahead and have Google continue denying ads to this web site (as has always been the case,) and advance that to wiping out others, and go ahead and switch on the censor bots. The Alt media will beat you anyway. Want to know why? I can sum it up in a phrase:

    People are not stupid.

    All anyone in the alt media needs to do now is log onto youtube and get the facts straight from the President himself, as he records his own addresses and posts them for the public to see, without them getting washed by you, because he knows you are all proven liars. Oh, but I'd bet Youtube will ban him. So what. He's the President, and can just set up an equivalent and serve the truth from it. Do you think you can stop that? Anyone who blocked that with a spam filter would get busted by the NSA which is now under his control, and be jailed in minutes.

    Overnight, the entire alt media can be credentialed as much as you are, and ALL THEY HAVE TO DO TO KICK YOUR BUTTS INTO THE GUTTER IS TELL THE TRUTH AS TRUMP SAID IT IN VIDEO, UNFILTERED. That is something you will never do, and Trump could make it so easy for the alt media to crush you just by doing that. GUESS WHAT? He's already doing it, one of those videos is already linked on this web site.

    Rather than meet with a bunch of filthy lying despicable media whores, Trump can just do a state of the union address every single day. How are you, the scamming MSM, going to compete with that? What would anyone but an IDIOT do? Spend an hour with proven liars, or just sit in front of a web cam for an hour going down a list of daily items and posting it in full form? What would YOU DO if you faced your own meat grinder? Don't lie. Oh, forget it, that's too much to ask.

  2. The beginning of the end for the UK monsters its only a matter of time now before everyone wakes up no one ever died for freedom they died for riches for the elite scum . The UK Is About To Wield Unprecedented Surveillance Powers — Here’s What It Means. Gestapo powers for Royal scum .


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