Saturday, November 12, 2016

It Is High Time to Arrest and Prosecute the Clintons!

SR 1338 – NO MORE PARDONS – HEADS MUST ROLL – Not Vindictive, Rule of Law Absolute Necessity

To Drain the Swamp, Hillary Must Burn 

Clinton is the first person who needs to be put on trial


  1. On 9/11, NYPD arrested foreign demolition teams at Holland Tunnel and Washington Bridge. Baby Bush ordered release to FBI, who then released these terrorists. Rudy has known of this treason for fifteen years, silence makes Guiliani a coconspirator.

    NYPD investigation in the Weiner SEXTING case exposed 70,000 member elite pedophile ring. Rudy had to have been aware, possibly involved, further tainting his actions. Trump needs Sworn Affidavit on knowledge and/or participation in this ring by any appointed official

    Armageddon.... is the end of the world as you "know" is the end of Demonic Warlord tyranny....

    1. Let's not forget Trumptons Firemen. Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub. They are continually being called out to attend some emergency or other (in many cases to resolve fairly trivial matters), but to Captain Flack's annoyance never an actual fire. The main reason for this was the impossibility of animating fire, water and smoke. However, after "Right men, action stations!", this doesn't stop the Fire Brigade absent-mindedly getting out the fire hose and receiving a rebuke from Captain Flack ("No no! Not the hose!").

    2. Trumpton was a 'Still Motion' animation of puppets.
      You dig?
      Not to belittle the sickening crimes that are coming to light but this horror show has been going on since just after 'The Beginning'.
      Steel yourself, because the nastiest and the greatest truths are yet to be revealed but "Had ye but faith ye would not need miracles" or Armageddon.

    3. Elaborate 4 me a little OK..IM Curious yellow...

    4. I'd be the first to do a little jig of excitement to think that an 'ordinary Joe' had taken the White House and looked set to turn it into the friendly corner shop family business. Compared to the shadow men and their global crime syndicate that's what Trump 'represents'. I'm not sure we're quite there yet.
      When I see ANY of the so called saviours preventing our lower atmosphere from being turned into a toxic electro-conductive plasma I'll be the Fred Astaire to their Ginger. Roger?

  2. I hope President TRUMP reads this. The child predators we have in our American gov.make me weep for the innocent victimized children.So hope Trump can bring them to justice.


  3. Hi Joe: I thought Rudy Guliani had a Bunker in one of the World Trade Center Buildings and was not there or in or near the WTC on 9--11 or something like that..I was wondering why a few guys 4 Trump seem to dislike Rudy terribly...Alex Jones loathes Rudy G..Thanks 4 the Info..


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