Sunday, November 13, 2016

Good-bye, now please, do us all a really big favor and get lost (the empire is over)


  1. You mean the puppets have stepped down with all the loot while the real scam artists move into the light , you can spot the strategy a mile away . Meanwhile their Soros British agent carries on trying to start a civil war in the USA . YOU CAN SMELL THE REDCOATS STENCH OF CON A THOUSAND MILES AWAY . THEY DONT CALL IT CROOKED SCOTLAND YARD FOR NOTHING .. Britain must “adapt to the moment and evolve its thinking” to become a global leader in free trade, Theresa May is to say.

    The prime minister will pledge to lead the charge in remaking globalisation, days after Donald Trump was elected US president on the promise of protecting American industry and ending a string of free trade agreements.

    May’s speech will be seen as an attempt to reposition the UK after the Brexit vote and the US presidential election and as a response to Nigel Farage becoming the first UK politician to meet the president-elect over the weekend.

    “Not standing inflexibly, refusing to change and still fighting the battles of the past, but adapting to the moment, evolving our thinking and seizing the opportunities ahead. That is the kind of leadership we need today,” May will tell the lord mayor’s banquet in London. SO PREDICTABLE .

  2. Business as usual just a new bunch of faces and characters. The Rothschild Empire is far from being over. Perhaps it's just a new beginning.


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