Monday, November 7, 2016

FOX NEWS REPORT: Hillary Clinton's Private Hit Squad Carried Out Benghazi Massacre

Source: Whispers

November 7, 2016

Fox News quietly went public today with a stunning report linking Hillary Clinton to a group of 20 terrorist-ties assassins who carried out the attack on the Benghazi compound that led to the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Read the details of this Fox News report below:

Benghazi guards turned on US diplomats in 2012 attack, sources say

An obscure private firm hired by the State Department over internal objections to protect U.S. diplomats in Benghazi just months before the American ambassador and three others were killed was staffed with hastily recruited locals with terror ties who helped carry out the attack, multiple sources told Fox News.

…"We kept asking for additional support, including a 50-caliber mounted machine gun, but the State Department would not give it to us, because they said it would upset the locals," the source told Fox News. "Instead, the State Department hired a company that doesn’t have employees, which then hired terrorists."

"Think about it: Hillary Clinton's State Department actually hired the very people who, along with their jihadist allies in Benghazi, attacked us and killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith as well as CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Ty Woods," Lopez said. Read full report HERE.

What better way to carry out an assassination than to hire the assassins as security for the compound intended to keep Chris Stevens and others safe? Earlier reports suggested the compound guards merely ran away once the attacks started. This Fox News report, with considerable sourced detail, indicates those guards actually carried out the attack, including surveilling the compound for weeks, and opening the facility up for more attackers to enter from outside.


Hillary Clinton and her State Department hired terrorists to "protect" Americans from terrorists.

She is either guilty of gross negligence, or something far more sinister.

Oh, and she intends to be this country's next president unless voters say otherwise.

Please go to Whispers to read the entire article.

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