Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dick Eastman on the Wealth Money Radio Show 2016/11/26

Byron Dale and Greg Soderberg talk about the consequences of a debt-money-based system where all the money is created through loans; how interest grows the debt, but not the money supply; and other effects of interest on our lives.

Dick Eastman is our guest 11/26 on the Wealth Money Radio Show: "People Enslaved by the All-Borrowed Money Supply: Comparing Two Populist Solutions" (new money can be introduced debt-free: as state spending on infrastructure, e.g. paid by the treasury to winning contractors who bid to build roads and bridges; and/or as a national dividend deposited monthly or quarterly into citizen accounts as a basic commercial utility and purchasing power stimulus).

Whereas the basic income is typically conceived as a fixed amount that would be granted unconditionally and would be enough for a person to survive on, the national dividend would vary depending on the performance of the economy; in other words, the dividend is indexed to productivity.

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  1. 1860s emergency banking act deal hashed over by bankers resolved to follow the bankers plan, trash Lincoln money due to banks not making enough and was based on banks getting money and the federal corporation having instant cash to pay its bills. A plan to tune it up properly was needed and planned yet always the bankers write the bills, grease the media skids and bribe the senators. Better to spread out the power to people to find out the real market and keep a better eye on the corruption. Charles Lindberg's books, still findable here and there shows how bankers bullied right in purposely weakening the farmer, "little people" and building up their own show. I would not worry about being nice to them after all the suffering their system caused. How many times have central bankers worried about putting millions out of work or sent to death in wars?


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