Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dick Eastman on the Wealth Money Radio Show 2016/11/26

Byron Dale and Greg Soderberg talk about the consequences of a debt-money-based system where all the money is created through loans; how interest grows the debt, but not the money supply; and other effects of interest on our lives.

Dick Eastman is our guest 11/26 on the Wealth Money Radio Show: "People Enslaved by the All-Borrowed Money Supply: Comparing Two Populist Solutions" (new money can be introduced debt-free: as state spending on infrastructure, e.g. paid by the treasury to winning contractors who bid to build roads and bridges; and/or as a national dividend deposited monthly or quarterly into citizen accounts as a basic commercial utility and purchasing power stimulus).

Whereas the basic income is typically conceived as a fixed amount that would be granted unconditionally and would be enough for a person to survive on, the national dividend would vary depending on the performance of the economy; in other words, the dividend is indexed to productivity.

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