Thursday, November 10, 2016

Delusional Globalists Try, and Fail, to Steal U.S. Election - John Podesta's #SpiritCooking Scandal Blew a Bloody Hole in the DNC's Side - You Can't Stop a Political Landslide - Clinton Campaign's Fireworks Fizzle - Final State Results Held Back for Ridiculous Hours (to Rig the Vote Count) - We Haven't Solved Any of These Vote-Rigging Problems - Various States Refusing to Verify the Voting Records - Elections Must Be Made Transparent - Hillary Couldn't Plausibly Win - Not a Peep About a Recount - A Nation of Laws or a Nation of Men? - Black Box America

Source: The Alex Jones Channel

Hillary Tried to Steal Election From Trump but Failed: Bev Harris

"Last night, they were holding back – and it was ridiculous! – they were holding back Detroit, in Michigan; Milwaukee, in Wisconsin; Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania; and Nashua, in New Hampshire. Nashua has nine wards! What the heck?! And they have voting machines! They can't count nine wards in six hours? I mean, no, they were holding it back."

Trump Landslide Broke the Back of Election Fraud @StoneColdTruth

Hillary claim to win the popular vote is a FARCE. MSM stopped counting after Trump won Penn. Our results? Trump 56%

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