Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Breaking: Wikileaks Just Released Full ISIS Donor List With Names

Posted by Martin Walsh | Oct 28, 2016 | Conservative Daily Post

Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS. We have proven that through emails and documents leaked from WikiLeaks, but liberal media outlets still refuse to cover it.

After all, they are still more focused on what Trump said eleven years ago than what Hillary has actually done.

Because of brave patriots like Julian Assange, we have been given more evidence that Hillary Clinton is more connected to ISIS than we originally believed.

An email was leaked between Clinton and John Podesta indicating that "Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region" accuse Qatar and Saudi Arabia of "providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL [or ISIS] and other radical Sunni groups in the region."

Citing the need to "use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets," Hillary emailed Podesta while arguing the current developments in the Middle East were "important to the U.S. for reasons that often differ from country to country."

And what about Israel's bribes-for-weapons to Hillary Clinton's foundation? 

Odd that Clinton argues Saudi Arabia and Qatar are helping fund ISIS when Hillary's largest donations come from those two countries.

In another correspondence from 2012, the Director of Foreign Policy at the Clinton Foundation, Amitabh Desai, set up a meeting with Bill Clinton for five minutes in exchange for a $1,000,000 "birthday check."

The email adds that the small but rich nation occupying the Qatar Peninsula would "welcome [the Clinton Foundation's] suggestions for investments in Haiti – particularly on education and health." Desai added that while Qatar had already "allocated most of their $20 million … [they were] happy to consider projects we suggest."

We now see two more examples of the Clinton's acting corrupt and being intertwined with nations that fund ISIS.

For those that do not see where the dots connect, let's simplify how this all worked for Hillary.

Hillary, as Secretary of State, would sell terrorist nations large weapons deals only after they gave her a very generous donation to her "foundation." These weapons, provided by Hillary and her State Department, then filtered down from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, and so on to create, supply, and bolster terrorist groups.

That is exactly how ISIS was created. But instead of blowing them up with an air assault, Hillary and Obama decided to leave ISIS alone. Why? Because ISIS being in the Middle East allows the Obama/Clinton machine to make millions in personal profits from these nations in a repetitive cycle of selling weapons.

They are choosing personal gain over eliminating a terrorist group. Let that sink in. Why else have they not arrested Hillary for all of these crimes? The FBI would arrest you in a heartbeat if you went to Facebook right now to praise Allah and ISIS.

It also speaks volumes as to why they are trying so hard to silence Julian Assange.

The media remains silent on all of this. This would be plastered all over the news for months if a President Trump was exposed for this.

Ignorant politicians are not the problem. The problem is that ignorant people keep voting for them every election. This is the exact reason we desperately need change in this country, and it starts with Donald Trump.

People like Julian Assange have given up their lives to expose corruption in government, and allowing Hillary Clinton to win this election makes all of his sacrifices meaningless.

He has offered us a chance to revolt against our tyrannical government. Chances likes this do not occur often, and if we do not seize the opportunity, we will suffer another four years of suppression from our corrupt leaders.

Vote Trump, so that we can save America and he can pardon Julian Assange. 


Insiders Threaten to Expose Hillary's Pedophile Sex Ring!!! 

Scott Bennett, Whistleblower, U.S. Army Terrorist Threat Finance Analyst Under Dov Zakheim - A Gross Perversion of Justice - UBS Whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld Worked With the CIA's Edward Snowden - Terrorist Financing Banks UBS & HSBC Are Represented by Covington & Burling, Employer of Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer, Michael Chertoff, Roger Zakheim - Demand Accountability From Your Representatives!


  1. Its a must listen , you cant get any more corrupt than this no wonder they wont say anything . The only person from the CIA who was jailed over the CIA use of torture was John Kiriakou. John was jailed for blowing the whistle on CIA torture."

    "The people who did the torture have suffered no comeback at all," adds Mr. Murray.

    Read more:

  2. Why threaten ?? Why be a could be whisteblower if you have the goods, show it . Eneogh of the might " or threaten to , its boring . Time is running out.

  3. TRUMP BETTER GET ONTO THIS REAL QUICK COURT RULING YESTERDAY , LAST BIT 30.-- ONWARDS . He can crucify them with the video evidence alone . Now thats proof of corruption after sacking those involved .

  4. I pray to God that this blows the Clinton machine right out of the water!

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